Friday, 18 April 2014

Buy the Trend: 90s revival

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Being born in the tail-end of the 80s means that the 90s was my era.  I don't know how I feel about fashion's 90s obsession at the moment; on the one hand I like seeing the influences creep in, on the other, I fear a full-on comeback of trends I don't look back on too fondly.  But in the interests of being well-rounded, I'm putting my own prejudices aside when I bring you this list.  I like a lot of it, but some is included for nostalgia's sake.  Hey you never know, I hear some people actually like jelly shoes at the moment....

1.  There was a lot of denim in the 90s.  From what I remember, "stonewash" was the buzzword, so keep it light.  And blue.
2.  While we're on the subject of denim, skinny jeans didn't exist back in the day.  
3. Who remembers All Saints?  I now know that combat trousers were 'never ever' flattering on me, but the simple cami-style tops definitely have a place in my wardrobe.
4. Florals were a real feature of the 90s.  Keep it daisy print and you're good to go.

So I like the ear cuffs.  I like the bodysuits (aesthetically, not practically.  I remember the awkwardness of them!) and I like the cami tops.  I think because 90s is the first fashion revival that I was alive to remember, it makes me hold my breath a little.  I guess I'm just anxious that it'll go a step too far.  Or has it already?  I'm definitely not ready for the scrunchies or jellies, although I'm on the fence about the return of the bomber jacket.  You know me, I just need someone looking really awesome in a 90s inspired outfit and I'll be all over that shizz.  Link me up and change my mind?! 

P.S.  Check out this list of meanings behind gummy bands.  I'm sure if my Mum knew what they really meant, I'd have never been allowed any!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

First impressions: Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs

Let's cut to the chase.  If you take one thing away from this blog post, it's don't buy these.  I got over excited and bought two packs, and in the words of my Mum: "they should be paying you to use that stuff."

I'll start by saying that I got my wires crossed when I picked these up.  I thought the Dirty Toothy Tabs were a chewable toothpaste and would be handy for on the go, until (5 minutes after paying, typical.) I realised they need to be used with a toothbrush.  I thought the point was that they are portable time savers, when in actual fact they're trying to cut down on aluminium tubes.  All good, but not what I wanted them for. 

I can get past that though, the problem is that they're horrendous!  There really is no other way to say it.  They smell delicious, spearmint-y and lovely, but I've never known something to taste so unlike how it smells.  I've only ever managed to try less than a quarter of one of these tablets, but they're salty, bitter, soapy and nothing like toothpaste.  The resounding opinion from all my "willing participants" has been that there's no way they could manage to use one of these little tablets to brush their teeth.  Apart from Ed, it seems, whose verdict was that "they just taste like soapy toothpaste?"

I guess everyone's taste buds are different, and one blogger's disgusting soapy mouthful of soap is another's best thing since slice bread.  And at £2 it's no big deal if you do buy this and hate it; I'd love to know if anybody out there actually does like these?

Monday, 14 April 2014

6: celebrities inspiring me right now

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Emma Watson: has never been on my lust list (bad time to admit I've not seen all of the HP films?) but for some reason lately she's shot right on my radar.  Those eyebrows, that porcelain skin and that English Rose look is, for some reason, really inspiring me right now.

Nicole Richie: should never be a surprising entry for any regular readers.  At first I didn't love the lilac hair, but then I saw her in this photo with a floral crown that's been cut out of shot, looking all garden fairy.....cue instant tiny obsession.

Jaime King: isn't normally one I'd turn to for inspiration, but when I found this image when looking for long bobs and just fell in love.

 Lady Gaga: is usually too out there for me but in the G.U.Y video her hair is awesome.  The length is, perhaps, a little unobtainable (FYI, I'm being ironic...) but I think she just looks amazing with this icy blonde style.

Emma Willis: hands down has the most amazing eyes and watching her on The Voice auditions I found myself wanting to recreate that updo...which, typically, I found no photos of.  Trust me though, it looked great!

Diane Krugerthat make up.  'Nuff said. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Je t'aime

The sun is shining brighter, which means my orange bag has made a reappearance to match!  I'd forgotten how much I like this bag; using the City Bag has got me used to being very compartmentalised, so being able to chuck all sorts in and having it all swim about together felt very 'free'!

What would a trip to see Lizzie in Farnham be without stopping off at our favourite backdrop?  Looking back at those photos, I'm left in that eternal fringe quandary; do I grow it out like I'm always wanting to and just put up with that awkward in between stage?  Or accept that having no fringe doesn't look quite right on me and stick with those handy forehead-hiders?  Answers on a postcard, please!