In the Spotlight: Dollface_24

Today's featured blogger has a beautiful blog with a bit of everything in it.  NOTDs, shopping hauls, Halloween outfits, hairstyles, perfume....you name it, the lovely Dollface has probably blogged about it.  And then there's the added extras such as Twitter updates, multiple awards, Formspring and a list of all the blogs she loves.  Now I don't know about you, but having a nosy at the blogs my beloved bloggers read themselves is one of my favourite pastimes....and a bigger subscription list can only be a good thing, right?!  In actual fact, Dollface holds a special place in my affections as perhaps one of the first bloggers to really welcome me to the fold.  Don't get me wrong, I befriended a number of fledging bloggers in a sort of team-bonding way as we all struggled to find our footing together, but Dollface already had a successful blog and chose to help me out massively when I launched my bracelets by Tweeting about it.  We all know what a lovely feeling of sisterhood blogging provides, and Dollface is definitely a blogger who is more than happy to help those just starting out.

So I've said her name enough in that opening paragraph, you should all realise by now that today's In the Spotlight is....
Dollface of Dollface_24

1. Sum yourself up in 5 words….
Bubbly, caring, talkative, sensitive and a worrier!!

2. What’s your blog all about?
God my blog is about anything that tickles my fancy really. Primarily anything to do with make up, skincare, fashion and clothes because I am interested in all those areas. I've recently asked my followers what they want to see more of so that I can improve and make my blog as enjoyable to read as it is to write!

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
I had been watching a lot of youtube videos particularly gurus like lollipop26 and then came across the blogging community. In particular I would say Amy aka Dazzledust25 inspired me to actually start blogging. I love Amy's blog, she's very knowledgeable, she comes across really funny and friendly. This Irish gal doing her thing inspired me to give it a go, to have my little space online where I can put my thoughts and opinions out there.
I've also got the worst memory ever and my blog reminds me of the products that I didn't really like so then I don't waste money and buy them again!!

4. What do you do for a living?
I studied Marketing in college and have done a Digital Marketing course so that is what I would like to be doing. At the moment I'm finding it hard to get a job in the area so I'm doing some temporary admin work until things improve.

5.  Which would you say you prefer….fashion or make up?
Oh god this is a really tough question. Make up probably but I love fashion and clothes so much too!!

6. What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
I bought a Karen Millen dress for my graduation ball, I saw it in the window and I just had to have it. It was a charcoal grey colour with lots of beading detail Unfortunately I haven't worn it since either. But I do adore it!

7. Are there any beauty products that you swear by?
To be honest I have a very modest make up collection in comparison to others. I've found plenty of products that I like (UD Naked Palette, St Moritz and Max Factor False Lash effect come to mind) but I don't know if I swear by them, I think there is so many products out there that I still have to try before I can swear by anything!!

8. What’s your favourite style of make up to do?
I'm a neutrals girl. By day I like to keep things simple often only using one or two eyeshadow shades and by night I love a smoky eye both followed with lots of eyeliner and mascara!! I've recently got into lipstick so I'm enjoying trying that out too.

9. Which is your favourite of your recent purchases?
Has to be my Urban Decay Naked Palette which I keep harping on about, but seriously worth the monies!

10. Which is your favourite high street store?
I'm loving H&M at the moment, they have some really nice A/W items in. Love Zara too!

11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I tend to worry a lot about things that often are out of my control, so maybe to not worry and stress so much (it's giving me fierce frown lines too!!!)

12. You always seem so upbeat. What keeps you happy?
Thank you so much, that actually means a lot more to me than you realise. I always try to remember that there is always going to be someone better off and worse off than me.
I have a healthy family, a fabulous boyfriend and amazing friends so really I have nothing to be unhappy about!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
There's so many but I have a few mentioned in the sidebar in my blog, they are the ones I always make sure to check.

14. What can we look forward to on Dollface_24?
More of the same really review, FOTDs, OOTDs whatever inspires me to get writing really. I want to get a better camera and I need to hold a giveaway to thank all my followers too so I need to get cracking on organising that!

15. Do you have any tips on how to make a successful blog?
I would say just be yourself, it's your space so write about whatever you enjoy and have fun.

So there we have it, and on reading that last answer I have to say it's really ringing true with me.  Sometimes it's hard trying to think up original concepts or quirky twists to make A Perfect Lie stand out from the crowd and perhaps I needn't put that much pressure on things.  I'll just try and remember that it's "my space" in future and to have fun with it!

Thank you to Dollface for taking part and for always being so friendly and supportive.  So make sure you keep her happy by visiting her blog and clicking "Follow"!  She also found out yesterday that her contract at work has been extended until January so go help her celebrate by having a read of her blog :)

How many of you were already followers?

T x


just gonna stand there

Ok here we have the first of what I would loosely call a 'DIY Post'.  In my giveaway a couple of people suggested that I include some of these on A Perfect Lie, but I have to admit I'm not nearly creative enough to actually be able to do it!

That said, I did fall in love with Chloe's recent outfit post.  With that in mind, when I spotted this shirt in H&M during my trip to Westfield I knew it was just perfect for this look.  I've teamed it with a crushed velvet navy ribbon that I picked up for £1.29 a metre from my local fabric shop (I used 2 metres as I'm rubbish at tying knots!).  I originally wanted a black ribbon a la Chloe but had to make do with blue as they were out of stock....however, I am actually liking the navy look!  All I would say is, I wish it was a bit thicker and velvet on both sides, which would probably make it easier to tie.  I've also got my eyes peeled for a black satin ribbon so that I can mix and match - call me a copycat but I just love the entire look on Chloe and would definitely like to have a thick black ribbon option!

So there we have it girls.....I'm not sure if I have come up with something completely new; whether Chloe purchased her shirt from Forever 21 with the ribbon included or whether she added it herself, but if you'd seen her post and wanted to recreate the look for yourself I hope I've given you some tips on where to look.
Excuse the state of my hair (I'm trying to fix my damaged ends so minimum straightening is called for), I also wanted to show you this gorgeous rose quartz ring I picked up in Topshop the other day.  It's a size small but is quite loose around my finger, but I still love it!  I'm a sucker for anything with a hidden meaning behind it, and love the idea that semi-precious stones can have healing qualities.  I'm not convinced that they do, but it's still nice to think it!  And I'm sure you've seen it all before, but I managed to pick up a bottle of Barry M Nail Effects so thought I'd show you me rocking it here with my Collection 2000 polish in BMX Bandit.

Good Lord I can't wait for Christmas when (hopefully!) I'll get my new camera.  I'm sick of looking at pictures that look a decent quality on Ed's iPhone only to upload them on here and find out that they're a complete mess.  I don't want anything too flashy or expensive for my first proper camera, so I've opted for the Fujifilm S1600.  It's a decent price and I've read some really positive reviews but I'll still keep my options open.....what cameras do you guys use?

In other news I can now reveal that the winner of A Perfect Lie's first ever giveaway is Sherrie!  My computer's been playing up lately and although I meant to include a screen shot of random.org for you all to see, somehow it didn't work and I'd closed the screen so couldn't try again.  Thank you all for entering, following, tweeting and blogging about the giveaway - it was great to have so many people get involved.  And it won't be the last one I'm sure, so keep your eyes peeled!  I'm only 49 followers away from 200, so who knows...?

- Shirt: H&M - Shorts: H&M - Tights: George@Asda - Watch: Michael Kors - Ring: Topshop - Lipstick: MAC Lady Bug - Seriously contoured cheek:  Sleek Contour Kit in Light -


not what we should be

I was planning to wear a skirt and tights combo today but changed my mind when I felt how cold it was.  I ordered these jeans in my bid to find a pair of skinny flares which you may remember.  They were from asos but slightly too long....perfect for with heels but ideally I wanted them for with flats but am too scared to take them up incase I need a pair to wear on a casual night out.  Argh the dilemma!  I'm hating the layers around the front of my hair at the moment as well.  I can get it into the perfect fishtail braid but within a couple of hours they're hanging out all over the place!  I know this all adds to the look, I just wish it didn't look so messy!

Again I enlisted Ed's help with photography, but the shots pre-lunch were rubbish and included scarily skeletal ribs. Post-lunch and we can see a bloated stomach. Ah I’m never happy, but these shots were better so here is Saturday’s OOTD featuring my tum!

If you haven’t yet entered my giveaway then please do. I had a fair bit of interest when I mentioned the possibility of hosting it, but I’m not sure if everyone who said they would like to enter has actually gotten around to doing it on the real thing. Have a check, because I’d hate for anyone to miss out when they thought they had actually taken part.  But you'll need to get a shimmy on, it ends tomorrow at midnight!

Have you read my interview with the lovely beckiangel? I’ve heard through the twitter grapevine that some people’s latest posts weren’t showing up on reading lists last night, not sure if mine was another one which had this happen? If you haven’t read yet, please do. Becki is such a lovely blogger J

Me and Ed had a nice lunch out with a friend from work and her gorgeous two daughters before heading to a local craft fair today. We got as far as the door and when we noticed how packed it was with OAPs we turned right around! I wish we lived in London. We’re not that far from it, but the culture around here is absolutely rubbish for people our age and there’s nothing to do at weekends. Besides shopping, that is, which keeps me happy but isn’t so good for Ed!  What have you all been up to girls?

Is anyone else looking forward to half term next week? I’m looking forward to some lie-ins and time away from the kids at work. Taking mum and my younger sister shopping at Westfields on Tuesday as well….mum’s treating me to some cash which I can’t wait to spend in MAC! What have you got planned for your break from school?

Long post today, but to finish I’d like to say thanks for all of the suggestions I’ve received via the giveaway. I’ve finally figured out what a DIY post is (thanks to Sammi and Rosie via twitter) but can’t think of anything that I can do well enough to share with the world! Ah well, I’ll keep racking my brains and who knows! You may see a DIY post yet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, watch out for Celebrity Sunday tomorrow

T x

- Vest: Topshop - Shirt: New Look - Jeans: asos - Clogs: Topshop -


In the Spotlight: beckiangel44

My featured blogger this week is, like myself, relatively new to the game.  That's not to say her blog isn't worth a read though.  In fact this girl has earned the title of Shopaholic and is all too happy to share her purchases with the blogging world.  And don't I love her for it.  Peering into her virtual shopping bag always makes me smile and the fact that she seems so truly sweet and genuine is all just a big bonus.  I know I say it about pretty much all of my interviewees (and yes, I meant it for all of them too!) but I have to say that there is something oh so genuine and accessible about Becki....she really does seem like the girl next door I'd love to have a natter with over a cup of tea.  So how happy was I when she agreed to have a natter with me via email and take part in my In the Spotlight series.  Have you got your cuppa ready?  Good, then sit back and relax with

Becki of beckiangel44

1. Sum yourself up in 5 words….
Ermmmm kind, funny, loyal, honest and a great laugh!

2. What’s your blog all about?
Well it's mainly about beauty but I do like to add things in like how my life's going and bits of clothes etc. that I've bought.

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
Well it actually came about from searching a how to cut your fringe video on youtube. I searched and up came a video from an uploader named lollipop26. I really enjoyed her style and sense of humour and watched another of her videos, then another, then another and so on. I then found out she had a blog also and started to look at that as well which then led me on to the blogging scene! So really it's all down to Laura lol.

4. What do you do for a living? (In your first post you said you’re hopefully off to uni in September…is this still the plan? If it is, what will you be studying?)
I was hopefully going to be off to uni in september, I got all my grades (woop) but had a change of heart on the career I wanted to follow. I had initially wanted to go straight in and do a midwifery degree and wrote my personal statement on it also, but after shadowing some nurses and volunteering for a year at my local hospital, I decided I wanted to do nursing first and then do an 18 month conversion course to midwifery. That way I am then qualified for 2 jobs and if I decide one is not for me I then have a back up to fall onto. So for me now I am taking a gap year and working/gaining more work experience and re applying for uni next year on the right course I want to be on!

5. Based on your blog, you strike me as a real girlie girl. How would your friends describe you?
Ermmm yes they deffos would describe me as girly, although saying that I'm the first one to grab a cup when there's a spider lurking around (I'm not scared of them) and if there's any trouble in a club I get right in there to break it up ahah so I'm quite boyish in a way also. I think also being only 5ft2 and blonde I've had to kind of fight off the sterotypical 'Cute' image lol. Guys always feel they need to protect me and I'm always like "I can defend myselfffff look watch! :D" so yes girly on the outside, slightly boyish on the inside if that makes sense..:-S

6. Who is your celebrity style icon, past or present?
Ooooo well number 1 is definitely Lauren Conrad. I have watched her on Laguna Beach since I was 14 when it was first shown on MTV over here. She is very similar to me in her priorities over friends and likewise we've both had/have friends who have dumped us for sucky guys...ergh, so I feel like I can totally relate to her. I also love Jessica Simpson too she has a similar body shape to me and I'm always checking out what she wears for ideas on what to buy hehe!

7. You seem to be continually buying new cosmetics, which is your favourite thing that you’ve purchased recently?
I know, it's quite bad! Ever since coming across the beauty blogging world someone gives a rave review of a product and then I'm like "I NEED IT!" lol, but I love trying out new things and get bored of the same routine day in day out so a little change here and there whether that be make-up or clothes is always good for me :) but favourite product that I've bought recently has to be the Chanel Bronze absolute amazing product but has to be used in conjuction with the MAC 187 brush which is also a fave this month...hmmm maybe I should do a monthly favourites!

8. You’ve got a massive Barry M nail varnish collection. Which is your most-used shade?
Ohh this is so hard as I actually love all the nail varnishes but the most used is probably Chocolate 129, I can't get enough of it and love wearing it on my toes on a night out. It makes a change from my usual dark red tootsies!

9. If you had to choose….nail varnish or lipstick?
Errrm well I'm only just starting to get in to lipstick so it would have to be nail varnish!

10. You have an eclectic make up collection, ranging from Mac to Topshop to Collection 2000. Which is your favourite brand?
Oooo hard! high end would have to be MAC just for the range and quality of their products but drugstore brand wise I'd have to pick Barry M ahhh no maybe Collection 2000!

11. What’s one beauty rule you always stick to?
Always ALWAYS exfoliate before applying fake tan. A friend of a friend of mines never does and always has this patchy orange dry skin look :S

12. How do you spend your spare time?
Spare time is spent with my doggy Milo around the park chatting to dog owners I've recently made friends with, my parents divorced when I was 4 years old but a few years ago my mum moved in with her new partner down in Rochester, I moved in with my dad as I didn't want to change schools during my GCSE's so I'm also always communting down to see her! and last but not least seeing my girlies!

13. What sort of music do you prefer?
I have such a varied music taste you won't believe! My iTunes makes my friends laugh! I love top 40, club, rock, oldies (Phil Collins, The Police, Michael Jackson) just anything really! I'm not really in to Slipknot though or heavy metal...makes my ears hurt :(

14. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
Woah sooo many I love reading loads!! Ones I've been following for a long time are just the famous Lollipop26, Fleur De Force, Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog and Pearls and Poodles but I follow so many and read them all!

15. What can we look forward to on beckiangel44?
I'm trying to brave myself into the Youtube world but am still a bit shy! So fingers crossed once I've found the confidence a beckiangel44 channel will be up and running soon!

I confess this interview has been sat in my inbox for a while and I'd forgotten about the promise of a youtube channel.....so once again I'm excited about the prospect!  It's clear from this interview what a girlie girl Becki is, and with a blog packed full of beauty products ranging from high end price luxuries to affordable treats, there really is something for everyone.  So off you go and follow!!

T x

Lauren Conrad image taken from realitytvmagazine


tell me what's your vice?

NOTD featuring Models Own Green Flash NP079

It's only Tuesday and already I'm so tired!!  Tuesday is my early morning, but my friend's been signed off work for the week so I've been getting in extra early to cover her first thing.  7:30am start should be against the law, but coupled with a 6pm finish and working through lunch today it means I'm exhausted!

Just got out of the shower and feel like pampering myself.  I've used my Bed Head shampoo, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and Aussie Miracle 3 Minute Reconstructer.  I'm trying desperately to grow my hair to luscious lengths but having ombre-d it for the second time the other week it's looking a bit frazzled.  I picked up some goodies which I'm hoping will whip it back into shape though....L'Oreal Elvive Damage Care Conditioning Repair Spray and Elvive Damage Care Repairing Serum.  Both of these were on 2 for 1 offer at Superdrug - it would have been rude to turn them down right?!  I've used them once already and was pretty pleased with the results, so expect a review to come when I've got some more use out of them!

I meant to do an outfit post at the weekend but was absolutely flat out!  Had to drive straight from work for 3 hours to pick up My Ed's new car on Friday, then left to come home at 9am Saturday morning in time for a friend's baby's 1st birthday party.  Needless to say I was soooo close to napping on her sofa!  A big row with Mum later didn't help either, and I'm sure that the stress has caused my massive breakout.  I've never really suffered from spots before, so any tips you could share with me on how to get rid fast will be muchos appreciated!

A bit of a rambling post, but I want to finish by thanking everyone for entering my giveaway so far.  I've had some requests for more DIYs and this is more than likely me being slightly blonde, but I'm not entirely sure what a DIY is or that I've ever done one to begin with?!  If you could clarify this or have specific DIYs you'd like to see then feel free to pop a comment below :)  And if you haven't entered the giveaway yet - what are you waiting for?!  It ends on Sunday so click here to check it out.

And now an evening of CSI with yummy Rolo yoghurt awaits me....what are all of your plans?

T x


In the Spotlight:girlinthecityglasgow

I'd like to thank this week's lady for introducing me to No.7 Hot Cloth Face Wash.  Her blog always includes and reviews a range of products which means I get a wide variety of potential purchases, for which I am always grateful.  Not to mention the fact that her blog just seems to have a quality of expertise to it.  I'm sure you know what I mean, some bloggers you just get the feeling that you should really listen to, and this is one of them.  Oh, and did I mention she's always the first on my list of subscribed reads to debut the most up to date MAC collections?  Definitely the criterion of a worthwhile blogger in my eyes!  Have a read of this week's interview with

1.  Sum yourself up in 5 words...
Curious, loyal, friendly, silly, and ummm....happy!

2.  What's your blog all about?
A little bit beauty, a little bit fashion, a little bit lifestyle all from a wee thirty-something 'Weegie point of view :)

3.  Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
When I realised I could sate my magazine habit by visiting all the gorgeous beauty and fashion girlies’ blogs online and read REAL opinions, or see how other folks were styling up fashions and looks in an achievable manner I loved it and thought to myself, “I wonder if I could do that?” -  turns out I could, and I did – so girlinthecityglasgow was born.

4.  As a child what did you want to do for a living?  Is it what you're doing now?
Hmmm, well kinda.  I did go through the stage of wanting to be a ballerina when I was very, very young (I loved lacing my ballet shoes up) – so it’s rather a lovely coincidence that I now look after the PR for Scottish Ballet.

5.  What's your beauty brand of choice?
Blimey! Well, if I could only shop one cosmetic brand for the rest of my life, then yes I would pick MAC – seems a little clich├ęd but they really are the only brand that manage to pick up and refresh season trends so quickly.

6.  Hard to choose, but which are the five cosmetics products that you couldn't live without?
Cheap and cheerful my No.1 face product is Boots No 17 oil control pressed powder.  I’ve been using this all of my adult life and nothing stops me shining quite like this.
While I play away sometimes, I always come back to Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara – nothing coats my lashes quite as luxuriously (and as black!) as this magic wand.
One of my first blog reviews was Colorsport’s 8 hour eyebrow pen  – I don’t think I could be without this now in my MU kit – it gives me the perfect brow base to make sure the blighters stay defined all day long.
My MAC 187 brush helps me achieve an airbrush finish.  It can turn pretty much any foundation into a fresh, wearable formula.  It wasn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny and I wouldn’t apply my base any other way now.
MAC’s cream colour base in ‘pearl’ – the perfect little cream highlighter – apply in a C shape from your forehead and around your eye – and dot on your cupid’s lip.
7.  What's your beauty discovery of the month?
Hmm, well it's as nearly a lesson learned to be honest.  After reading everyone’s rave reviews on MAC Face & Body foundation I duly went out and purchased... gah, I hated it! It made me look sticky and patchy.  But instead of binning it I decided to mix it up with a few other lacklustre foundations and came up with my perfect dewy formula.  Needless to say I felt very smug – but also slightly relieved that my expensive purchase wasn’t a complete failure!  (see post here)
8.  Which do you spend more time on....hair or make up?
Oooh make up  - my poor hair gets a squirt and a blast in the morning before being put up in a bobble!  I am off to get my hair ombred next week though, so maybe my priorities will change?

9. Looking at your pictures, your eyebrows are always immaculate! Are there any grooming secrets you could share with us?
Aah, bless you J It always makes me smile when I get a compliment on my eyebrows – especially as in ‘real life’ I don’t have much in the way of eyebrows!   
As I mentioned before – the colorsport eyebrow definer pen gives me a really good base on top of which I apply fine strokes of dark brown Revlon brow powder using a thin, slanted brush (mine’s is MAC, but I’ve heard good things about the Louise Young angled brush too) ... so, umm, yea they’re pretty much fake J - but then that makes the same look achievable for everyone too!
10. Which clothes shops do you make a beeline for and which do you bypass completely?
I’m pretty much a high street girl through and through – if I’m short on time I know that I will always be able to pick up something from H&M – I can’t wait for their online shop to be launched later this month!  I’m partial to their ‘trend’ section (the area with all the quirky cuts and lines) – and love the divided range too (although I think it’s probably meant to be for girlies slightly younger than my 30something self, ha!) – oh, and their designer hook ups have been amazing – I’m so excited about the Lanvin collaboration this Winter!
11. How would you describe your style?
Classic, but quirky!  I worked at GAP when I was at university and I think I’ve retained a little bit of the layering, classic ‘preppy’ look I learned while there – I’ll always rock a well cut pair of skinnies with a blazer – but I might try new trend colours, or go with a top that’s been cut into a little more interestingly .
12. Are there fashion faux pas lurking in your wardrobe? (Pictures of said mistakes would be great! If you want to share them with the world that is!)
Ha! Well, in my late teens/early 20s I was in a Steps tribute band (we were called Stairs – I was Claire, yes really) – so for that I wore a lot of bright yellow and shiny silver.  I’m not sure ‘faux pas’ covers it!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
Ah there are loads.  I keep up with the gorgeous gurus of course (lollipop26The Yummy Mummy Beauty BlogTanya Burr - all of whom also have fab You Tube channels) but it’s nice to see other girlies come through and do so well too - LLYMLRS has great style and her blog has become huge over the last few months.  But really – there are loads of great girlies out there – I have a little reading list on my blog that I keep meaning to add to.
14. What can we look forward to on girlinthecityglasgow?
Well, I’ve been enjoying working with some amazing brands – and meeting some great beauty, fashion and lifestyle partners in Glasgow – so hopefully loads more of events that I can give my readers the inside gossip on (and take some fabulous, nosey behind the scenes photos at too!)
15. Have you any tips for new bloggers?
Hmm, well – just enjoy it. Write about what you love, and not what you think you ‘should’ be writing about.  Comment on those blogs that you love, and not those you think you ‘should’ be following.  Have fun – and say helleeeew too! J
You'll have to excuse the reference to H&M's online shop....as you can see I've had this interview stored for a while, as I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming response I got when I sent these questions out!

Ann's blog is definitely one to have a look at - if only to keep up with her ever-changing hair colour!  She's also on Twitter too, so be sure to have a look there too.  With hair posts, beauty posts, fashion posts....this blog has something for everyone so go and follow.  You won't be disappointed.

T x

Cinderella promo pic taken from Scottish Ballet


I'll buy you flowers, I'll pour you wine

Thought I'd mix it up for this weekend's outfit post and take the shoot outside.  Hopefully it'll turn out better thanks to the light and won't be as grainy as usual.

I'm wearing my ever-faithful H&M tan shorts....bought with 20% discount after a minor disagreement with the man at the till over my electronic iPod coupon.  They are proving to be a great purchase though, and I have so far been able to recycle them into many different outfits.  And yes, you'll notice I'm not wearing shoes.  When I commissioned my Ed to be my photographer I didn't anticipate that he'd stand so far away and get me bare feet in.  Ah well...

It's been a good weekend.  Yesterday I went to have my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever and I was surprised how pain-free it actually was.  I've never had my eyebrows professionally shaped, and whilst I didn't want a drastic change I do suffer from one straight eyebrow and one arched.  The beautician was lovely though and managed to produce an arch out of my poker-straight right eyebrow so I'm tres happy!  Today my and Ed trawled our local market.  He wants some stuff for his motorbike for Christmas, and whilst I told him that they'd only have naff helmets there would he believe me?!  Needless to say we came away empty-handed and headed straight to Tescos for some snacky bits for lunch.

This will be my first of two posts today as I forgot to take a photo of my outfit yesterday so did it today instead.  Watch out for my regular Celebrity Sunday post coming later....it's a full-on glamour one today!

Have you all enjoyed your weekend?  I didn't catch X Factor...what did I miss?

T x

- Shorts: H&M - Jumper: M&S - Tights: Asda - Bag: M&;S - Necklace: House of Harlow 1960 - Bracelet: Jessica Kagan Cushman - Ring: Dorothy Perkins - Lipstick: MAC Media -


In the Spotlight: Yummy Mummy

This week I'm very excited to be interviewing the girl who started it all.  I'd spotted a new spin dryer contraption in Superdrug and, intrigued, I googled to find reviews when the Yummy Mummy popped up.  From then on a love affair with her blog started.  I began checking back regularly (before figuring out how to "follow") and her passion for beauty and great writing encouraged me to give the blogging lark a go myself.  Not only is Holly a Big Blogger, she's also becoming a YouTube guru.  With her perfectly polished blonde locks, she definitely is the ultimate Yummy Mummy, but also exceptionally down to earth, approachable, and lovely at the same time.  So girlies, enjoy this week's interview with

1.  Let's start off relatively easy...sum yourself up in 5 words
Outgoing, caring, passionate, honest and loving!

2.  What do you do for a living?
I have been a freelance journalist for the last six months but have just been given a job as an Online Editor for a small retail firm.

3.  What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?  Did you ever dream you'd have over 2000 followers?
Never ever, I never thought that anyone would ever read my blog!  I started it as part of my Uni course almost two years ago, I just merged my love of writing  with my passion for make up!

4.  You've got a gorgeous four year-old daughter, how do you manage to juggle motherhood yet still look so glam?
Thank you!!  It's tricky and I'm not always so glam but I do try.  I really do feel that just because you're a mum doesn't mean you aren't you anymore.  You still need to look and feel good about yourself.

5.  Who is your beauty style icon?
I don't have just one, I think so many people are beautiful and inspiring in different ways but I do love and think the classic filmstar icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are so elegant.

6.  Which is your favourite beauty brand?
I think the brand I rely on the most for quality staples is YSL.  They do great foundations, eyeliners, mascaras and of course lipstick! 

7.  If you could only live with one item of make up which would it be?
Nothing makes me happier than lipstick!  I have a bad addiction!

8.  What's your 'purchase of the moment'?  The item you've recently bought that you're not sure how you lived without?
Absolutely without question my Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation!!  A beautiful finish every time, I love it.

9.  What is your top skincare tip?
Use a gentle daily exfoliator cloth (muslin) or buffer sponge (Body Shop) with your cleanser as it removes the dirt more efficiently and evens the tone and texture of your skin.

10.  You always look immaculate in your pictures, are there any beauty faux pas lurking in your closet?
Lots!!  So many I cringe when thinking about them, but you learn as you grow up.

11.  You're a huge fan of nude lipstick, what's the one shade you couldn't live without?
My favourite nude would probably be Clarins Rouge Prodige in Nude, a very wearable and long-lasting colour.

12.  What's your favourite make up look to do?
99.9% of the time I go for contoured cheeks, winged liner and nude lips!

13.  What's your pet hate when it comes to beauty and make up?
Looking after your eyebrows is so important as they frame your face.  I love a bold brow.  Over plucking is most definitely a pet hate.

14.  Your blog is on my reading list, but what are your favourite blogs to read?
Thank you!  Ohh so many!  I love Bubblegarm, The GlossGoss, Tanya Burr, Lollipop26, IHeartCosmetics, MakeupSavvy and Liparazzi....I could go on and on!!

15.  What can we look forward to on YMBB?
I have been a little slack recently but I have a list as long as my arm on upcoming posts.  Lots of exciting in-depth reviews and top products posts.

16.  And finally, have you any tips for up and coming bloggers?
Keep writing no matter how many people read what you write, do it for you as a passion and not to gain anything.  Passion always shows in your writing, that's why I love the blogs I mentioned above.  Also interacting with others on Twitter etc is a great way to make friends and get noticed.

Speaking of Twitter, you can follow Holly here.  She regularly tweets and often includes photos as well.  Oh, and make sure to watch the YouTube video where Holly does her daughter's "make up" for her birthday party.....she's the cutest thing ever!  But did you all learn a little something new about the gorgeous Yummy Mummy tonight?  I'm sure you all already follow YMBB, but if you don't, go and have a look.....be prepared for serious make up envy though!

T x


wishing on a star

I struggled with this post.  I wanted to give a quick update, but am aware how boring posts without pics can be!  In the end I decided to take a quick snapshot of my Dogeared wishbone necklace I was wearing today.  Earlier I did think about doing an outfit post, but after standing outside at work for three hours my hair is not up to scratch.  You all know I love my jewellery, but I've been wearing a lot of gold lately so popping on this dainty silver necklace was a nice change :)

There are so many ideas I have for posts, but I don't want my blog to get too "gimmicky".  I already have Friday's In the Spotlight, Celebrity Sunday and a Reason to Smile each Monday, I don't want to start allocating posts to each day at the risk of this blog becoming a bit, well....blah.  The only problem is, I'm quite clinical in the way I want things to be written....sometimes I want to say more, but I just can't bring myself to post a general update in the middle of a Celebrity Sunday post, which means I'm at risking of posting lots and lots of separate posts and looking extremely eager!

Having said that, I think the Project 365 idea is fantastic and I'm thinking this is definitely something I want to give a go.  Sunday seems the logical day, and whilst I don't really mind posting twice in one day, I'm aware that Lily loves Lola posts her piccies from the past week on a Sunday and I don't want to be treading on anyone's toes.  So after saying I don't want to assign too many posts to certain days, I do think I'll be doing a Project 365 post each Thursday.

In other news, my MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme arrived today.  I chose Unlimited and it's a lovely dark rose shade.  It reminds me slightly of Girl About Town, but at the same time is completely different if that makes sense?  Looked quite dry at first, but I've never known a MAC lipstick glide on like this one.  Have any of you tried their Pro Longwear range?

T x


elastic love

A shockingly bad outfit of the day, for some reason every picture I take in my room looks grainy.  And the lack of space means I need to huddle in the doorway....doesn't make for a great shot.  Still, it is my first OOTD none the less, so be kind!  Looking forward to getting a new camera for Christmas so I can start taking some proper shots :)

Enjoying the day so far....fried breakfast first thing (numi numi) then motorbike shopping for Ed.  As a treat I got to go into MAC where I got lipstick in Ladybug, Boots for Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold, and Next where I finally managed to get my hands on the tan satchel.  So I'm a happy bunny!

Out to a housewarming later which means another outfit change and a chance to rock my Ladybug in public - what are you all up to today?

T x

- Playsuit: Primark - Jumper: Warehouse - Tights: Asda - Necklace: Accessorize - Boots: River Island - Nail Varnish: Barry M -


In the Spotlight: A Twenty-Something

When I first started compiling a list of bloggers I wanted to include both big bloggers and new up-and-comers.  At the time of sending out interviews, this lady fell into the second category.  Her blog has gone from strength to strength though and she recently celebrated 80 followers. 

Kelly has to be one of the luckiest people I know when it comes to her wardrobe.  Not only has she nailed this season's camel tone, but she also manages to regularly have the most gorgeous vintage pieces kindly donated to her expanding collection.  Moi?  Jealous?!  Pah!  And as well as having a wardrobe to be envied, this little lady is also the owner of perhaps the biggest hair I've ever seen!

In my humble opinion, Kelly's popularity in the blogging world has perhaps been accelerated thanks to her new sleek photography.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the snapshot pictures she originally, and still does post, but the new mood-lit photos with the dark backdrop look amazing.

So on this rainy Friday evening, sit back ladies and get to know
1.  As per usual, sum yourself up in 5 words...
Creative, eccentric, happy, quirky and laid-back.

2.  What's your blog all about?
My blog is ultimately about sharing my never-ending love for all things fashion/graphic design with anyone who wants to read!  I haven't actually got around to posting anything to do with Graphics yet but I have a few things in mind that I endeavour to see through!

3.  Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
I was stupidly bored on my four month summer break from Uni, my boyfriend had gone travelling for three weeks so I was religiously checking through some fashion blogs.  I love Style Scout as it's local to me and from there I saw people blogging about their own experiences and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon!

4.  Tell us a little-known fact about yourself...
Ha, this one will make you laugh!  When I was 16/17-18 I owned 40 pairs of trainers and wore nothing but!  How things change!  I was obsessed with urban/street culture and some sneaker design is amazing, there's like this whole community for collecting trainers - shoe game!

5.  What are you studying at Uni and what are your plans for the future?
I study Graphic Design, this year I have to decide whether to complete a third year or progress into employment.  I have no clue as of yet.  I really want to explore something within fashion, so will have to discuss this with my tutors.  Looks like a lot of decision-making for me this year, ha!

6.  You're a big fan of huge hair, but all that back-combing must take its toll.  Have you any haircare tips to share with us?I must be so horrible to my hair, I obviously use a lot of hairspray to keep the volume and the only kind of haircare tip I have is to use product-removing shampoo.  Apparently, hairspray clings to your hair even after normal shampooing but a product-removing shampoo strips the hairspray out during a wash.  I use Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo.  Other than that my hair is just left alone, I don't colour it, I cut it myself and I don't even straighten it.  So, hopefully my back-combing habit it lessened with the other factors.

7.  Which do you prefer, high street or designer clothes?
To be honest, I have quite a few designer things, but only accessories.  I think clothes have to be changed seasonally whereas accessories are timeless, so I do splash out on bags, sunglasses and some jewellery with a designer name because it boosts your outfits.  I could in no way afford to buy designer clothes, also, I love vintage clothing and it's more appealing for me to go for something with character rather than a designer name!

8.  What's your purchase of the month?Well, I have just returned from Brighton and The Lanes is filled with incredible vintage shops; unfortunately I have a serious lack of funds, and will do until my student loan hits, so I could only afford a £15 vintage jumper.  It is lovely though!  Oh, but last month I bought some amazing purple suede-leather moccasins from a kids' section for £11.25!

9.  Which perfume do you wear?
Chanel No.5.  Need I say more?!

10.  Any tips for recreating your vintage style?  Any websites you could recommend?This is a funny question because I do buy a lot of high street items!  When I do vintage I use men's shirts from years back, raid my nan's closet for blouses, scarves and brooches and just generally adopt clothing members of my family are going to get rid of!  I tend to wear a lot of things that other people would really steer clear of; an acquired taste if you will!  Websites; I love Zara, Marks and Spencers, Topshop, River Island, asos.  Basically, if I'm not on Facebook I'm browsing the web for fashion!

11.  What's your beauty brand of choice?
Benefit Cosmetics.  Without a doubt.  I know it's expensive and I don't know how I managed but about 18 months ago I owned almost every product from Benefit.  From this, I've worked out what's worth having and what isn't.  My favourite product, which you probably know by now, is Browzings!

12.  What sort of music do you like?
I love a lot of music.  I've always loved Stevie Wonder and will never tire of hearing his voice.  At the moment I love Friendly Fires.  I'll honestly listen to anything, my boyfriend listens to dub-step and I even like that!

3.  How do you like to spend your spare time?
Aside from the obvious response of shopping, I enjoy going to the cinema, I love eating out (I just love eating - ha!) and just generally being with my friends; we could be doing nothing and it would be good!  Also, I'm exploring a few fashion illustration avenues.

14.  Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
Style Scout - London Street Fashion mainly!  I find new bloggers every day and can honestly say I love reading their posts so the list could be endless!

15.  What can we look forward to on A Twenty-Something?
Sometimes I feel like I'm rambling on in my blog so probably a lot more pictures.  I have a few ideas in the pipelines of my mind!  Other than that, hopefully I can portray an insight into my view of fashion and graphics!

So there you have it....if you want to know which Benefit products to invest in skedaddle over to Kelly's blog and ask her!  And while you're there have a look at her latest post to pick up some tips on customising clothes.  But make sure you follow her, because she's definitely one to watch....

T x