Book Review: Inkheart

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You might remember me moaning about Inkheart last week…..well the good news is, I finally finished it!

This was a book with a great concept - that characters from a book can be brought to life when read out loud by certain people. As a self-confessed bookworm I loved this idea and that’s what really drew me to this book. A number of the characters in the story are major book lovers which is something that I can really relate to as books are, and always have been, a big part of my life. So with the main focus of this book being, well…books, I happily sat down to read it.

My first gripe is that this is a book for children. But at over 400 pages long, I’m not sure whether this is actually the case. In fact, I attempted to read it with several of the children at work and not one of them stuck around for too long. Not because they didn’t like the story mind; whenever I gave them updates of what was happening they were enthralled and asked me to tell them more. Rather, I think that the language used just wasn’t suitable for a children’s book. As you might of guessed, even I got bored of reading it at some points!

Perhaps the intended audience was older children you might say. You could be right, with themes of wife-stealing, murder, arson and sexual undertones running throughout. Yet on the other hand, the foundation of this story is effectively a fantasy world where books come to life which I’m not entirely sure will appeal to many teens today.

Now for another little niggle - the character’s names. For me, they were either just too cutesy or didn’t roll off the tongue. We’ve ascertained that this was aimed at children and so twee names might be par for the course, but when this book was so adult in so many ways the names just annoyed me. Let me give you an example….Meggie. Tell me if you think I’m being overly picky, but this hybrid version of Megan/Maggie was just plain irritating. And as for the villains - Capricorn and Basta - whilst reading aloud these just made me cringe and didn’t sound at all villainous.

On the other hand, I really appreciated the author’s genuine love for books which you can feel throughout. The little touch of beginning each chapter with a quote from a classic book scored bonus points with me as well.

By reading this review you may come to the conclusion that I didn’t enjoy this book. On the contrary, I did. But more towards the end, where it became exhilarating, exciting and I raced to the finish without wanting to put it down. This is more of a book to persevere with, so I’m not unhappy that it’s finished and I can move on to reading less time-consuming things!

Is this a book for you? Not if you don’t like children’s books (however loosely that genre fits) and not, I’d say, if you don’t have a real passion for books and the magical worlds they hide within their pages. Inkheart transported me to a place where characters become flesh and blood and their stories come to life; something I’ve always felt when I snuggle down with a good book on a cold day, and perhaps the main reason why I appreciated this book. Not necessarily for the way it was told, but for the idea it tackled.

Has anyone seen the film?

T x


In the Spotlight: Boo

Ok so here we are with my last ever In the Spotlight post!  As I said last week, I'll be sad to see it go but on the other hand I don't want my blog to get cluttered up with too many weekly post series so it'll be good to let go and have a touch more freedom!

Things have been a bit quiet lately for this blogger, but over the summer I totally fell in love with her lovely outfit pics, CUTE sister, fab tan and super sleek fringe!  So let's say hello (and hope she hears us) to

Kirsty of Boo

1. Sum yourself up in 5 words….
Right, well.. Honest, (sometimes a bit too much), sensitive (cried at an advert the other day), random, motherly aannnnnd... naive

2. What’s your blog all about?
Huh I'd like to know that myself.... I'd like to say fashion but I'm not the most fashion savy...It's really just the bumblings of a 23 year old.

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
I googled "how to wear scarves" one day and Anna Saccone popped up I found her blog then so many other girls blogs, I would spend hours looking through them and getting tips etc I just thought everyone seemed so friendly and to be honest curiosity got the better of me... I should have really added 'curious' to my five words... damn!

4. What would your dream job be?
I'd really like to be a photographer one day; a fashion photographer would be amazing.  Don't think I'm cut out for it though!

5. In your “Peek-a-boo!” post you showed off an enviably flat stomach…are there any health and fitness tips you’d like to share with us on how you keep in shape?
Aaahh well thank you! I honestly think when I was working for my dad as a tiler/builder helped.. There was a lot of heavy lifting and running around.. Other than that I just dance like a lunitic and watch what I eat.

6. You’ve officially given me fringe envy, which products do you use to keep your fringe in check and your hair looking sleek?
Ha ha thanks! See, this is where I'm rubbish.. I don't use products really... Bit of hairspray when my fringe is being an ass... I just blow-dry down.. Oh I use Aussie Dual personality heat protection actually, just on the ends really.

7. How would you describe your style?
Simple, It's normally a T-shirt, jeans and a blazer.. I'm attempting to step out the box a bit more though.

8. Your skin always has a lovely warm glow, is it natural or from a bottle? If it’s a fake tan, which do you use?
I used to just use St Moriz pretty religiously but it was getting a bit too high maintenance! So I now use Dove Gradual Moisturizing Tan for fair skin :)

9. Which is your favourite shop for clothes?
Hmmm.. I always find something in New Look... Miss Selfridge for a nice going out dress if I want to spend more though!

10. If you had to choose…..shoes or bags?
Evil! Hmm.. bags.

11. Which products in your make up bag couldn’t you live without?
Mascara, I quite like my peepers so anything to show them off.

12. What’s been your favourite purchase this month?
I've not really bought anything... possibly my stripy baggy crop I got from New Look.  I really should go shopping!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?

14. What can we look forward to on Boo?
Oh gosh, I've been trying to think. I'm hoping it will all change when I get a job and am able to buy lots of pretty things but for the moment it will just be Polyvore, pictures and ramblings of moi.

15. Have you any tips to share with new bloggers?
Be friendly and blog lots :)

I really do miss Kirsty's friendly face and outfit posts....if you don't already, click on over to follow her and hopefully we can lure her back to the world of blogging!  Or are you already following?  Do you miss her?!

And that's it.  No more In the Spotlight!  Did you enjoy it?

T x


Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Gossssssh it’s been a long time since my last book review! I’ve actually been reading Inkheart for a while; I got sucked in by the idea that words in stories could come to life, but I’m not actually sure if I’m particularly enjoying the book. It’s taking such a long time to read so I guess that’s an indication of how little I can be bothered to pick it up?

Mum handed me this book last week with the warning “I couldn’t get into it, maybe you can” ….and I could!

The book is written by Mark Haddon from the perspective of a 15 year old boy (Christopher) with Asperger’s syndrome. This is a condition on the Autism spectrum, meaning that social interaction is difficult alongside other repetitive behaviours. Seeing as I work with two boys on the spectrum it was a real eye-opener for me; many of the things that the main character struggles with, “my boys” do too and it was great to have a bit of an explanation behind it that the boys wouldn’t normally be able to give me. I don’t think I’ve explained that too well….but basically, all the training I’ve had has said that any changes could upset a person with ASC, and with impaired social interaction it isn’t the easiest thing in the world for them to put their thoughts and feelings into words, but it was still hard to grasp this fully. Christopher explains that, just as someone might wake up to sunshine and decide it’s a good day, if he sees 4 red cars in a row it means it’ll be a good day for him. This really put it into perspective for me and is just one of the ways that I feel this book has helped me relate to the boys I spend my days with.

The book was so easy to read; I finished it in a day! It’s not a recent release (I’m sure my Dad had it years ago) but it just never appealed to me. I have to say though, I’m so glad I did. Mum didn’t get into it because she doesn’t have first-hand experience of working with someone like this, so I’m not sure if it’s for everyone. At less than 200 pages long though, it’s not a big deal if you don’t enjoy it and shouldn’t take too much of your time in finding out! But this is a book filled with little snippets of information (such as black holes, prime numbers, how to solve a murder mystery ;) ) so you’ll definitely learn something!

Have any of you read this book already?

T x


In the Spotlight: Beautylishious

Well girls this is the penultimate installment of my In The Spotlight series and I'd like to thank all of the ladies involved for taking the time to answer the questions put to them.  Through these interviews I've gotten to know some of my favourite bloggers a bit better and I hope you all have too.  I started this series during the fledgling months of A Perfect Lie and it really did give me a sense of acceptance in the blogging community - so thanks again to all the lovelies for taking part and being so, well, lovely!

What struck me when I first read this week's blog is how credible the blogger is, and at such a young age.  Without being patronising, what is it about a fifteen year old girl that attracts over 450 followers?  At that age I was a complete beginner when it came to applying make up and unfortunately fell foul of the white eyeshadow trap on more than one occasion.  Yet this girl stands out in the blogging world because she knows what she's talking about.  Her looks are well-thought out and executed with a real flair.  The fact that she balances her successful blog with school secure her extra blogger points in my books too!

So here we have her......
Hannah of Beautylishious

1.  First question as always, sum yourself up in 5 words.....
Hmm.. 5 words... Makeup-addicted, sensitive, fun, easily-amused and childish! Whoops, thats 7 words hehe :)

2. What's your blog all about?
My blog, Beautylishious, is really just a place for my to express my opinions on make up, my obsession. There's also bits of real life thrown in there, fashion and other randomness, but mostly on my blog you will find FOTD's, make up reviews, outfits, and general rambling :)

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
A few months ago I got into watching beauty YouTubers pretty frequently, and the beauty guru lollipop26 really inspired me as I loved her videos so much and her blog was amazing. I was also interested in a few other beauty blogs, so I thought, why not? And got myself my own brand spanking new blog :)

4. Looking at your post "FOTD ft. My Sister", you have a real talent for make up.  Is this something you'll be pursuing as a career in the future?
I wouldn't say I have a talent, but I really really enjoy using make up and making people look beautiful. I definitely want to pursue a career in make up, either as a beauty journalist, which also combines my love of writing with beauty, or as a make up artist.

5. What's your favourite style of make up to do?
I love make up using bright colours and big smoky eyes. I find it so interesting how just one product can totally change how your face looks, and I love experimenting.

6. Which brand of make up crops up most in your make up bag?
At the moment, I'm a little bit obsesed with ELF products, and seem to spend way, way too many of my pennies on them! I also love Sleek, Barry M, GOSH and of course, MAC :)

7. Do you have any skincare secrets?
I believe in just taking good care of your skin, by taking off your make up each night, letting your skin breathe by not wearing too much foundation, and moisturizing till the cows come home! Of course, the other trick is to eat well and stay healthy, although I'm not the best person to follow that :)

8. What's the one product you couldn't live without?
Although I love my blushes and lippies, I have to say that I could not live without my mascaras. Specifically my Max Factor False Lash Effect. Perfect lashes make for a perfect day ;)

9. Boots or Superdrug?
:o I cant choose!! I shop in both regularly, although maybe Boots have the edge, just for their amazing Advantage Cards! But then Superdrug have GOSH and Sleek! I can't choose!

10. Who is your celebrity fashion icon?
I think Fearne Cotton has amazing style, she always looks stunning. Also people like Sienna Miller, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are my ultimate style icons :)

11. Which shops do you always head straight for when you go out shopping?
Of course Superdrug and Boots, and I'm always hunting out bargains in Primark and the Pound Shop. I also love River Island, as my sister can get me discounts, and I also like Topshop, Republic and New Look.

12. Do you have any embarrassing beauty/fashion moments that you'd rather forget?
Oh dear! I have too many to remember. But from when I was younger, when I thought it was extremely cool to strut around in my lycra miniskirts and chavvy tops! CRINGEE!!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
I have so many favourites I can't name them all, but the ones that jump out are of course lollipop26writes, Vivianna Does Makeup, *Nicola-x and FernLaura, I love them all :)

14. What can we look forward to on Beautylishious?
Hmm, I always seem to get ideas for blogs and save them in random posts and forget about them. But I think my upcoming posts will be...
- A post on spot treatments
- Many FOTD's and OOTD's
- A larvleyyy haul post :)
- A posty about my holiday :)

15. Do you have any tips on how to make a successful blog?
My tips are just to keep at it, always be commenting and looking at other blogs for inspiration and get yourself well known on the blogger ciruit by talking to other blogers. After a while, it pays off and people start to read and enjoy your blog :)

So you might be able to guess that this was another interview that I did but then unfortunately it sat in my inbox for a while as I worked my way through the load I sent out.  It was definitely worth the wait though, as Hannah is such a sweet girl with a remarkable talent for creating great looks which are really wearable.  Just a quick scroll through her blog and you'll see that she definitely earns her title of Make Up Addict!  But a quick scroll would be an injustice, so I suggest you click on over there and spend some time working through her feast of posts......and then top it all off my following!

Hands up who's a fan of Hannah?

T x

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In the Spotlight: Beauty Blog of a Giddy Princess

As we reach the end of my In the Spotlight series, it gives me great pleasure to, again, introduce you to a lovely lady who helped ignite my fire for blogging.  Faced with 6 weeks of virtual unemployment as the children went on summer holidays, it was quite early on when I discovered this visual feast of pink frills and frivolity.  "Princess" is definitely a word which springs to mind once this blog loads.  But the girlie frosting tops off a competent, confident and knowledgeable blogger with great advice to give and beautiful looks to inspire.  The blog took a bit of a break as she settled into a new job recently, but I am so pleased to have her back with us.  Yes, this week it's
1.  Let's start off easy....sum yourself up in five words...
Giddy, girlie, sensitive, loyal and expressive.

2.  What do you do for a living?
I am a lawyer.

3.  What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?
I have always been really into make up and beauty.  I suffered from bad skin, unmanageable hair and low confidence as a teen.  Naturally, I became fascinated in the difference beauty products can make in terms of accentuating your features and increasing self esteem (think Miss Congeniality!).  I just wanted to be able to provide some other girlies with an insight into my beauty trials and tribulations (and of course, successes).

4.  Did you ever imagine your blog would be so popular?
Not a chance.  I do like to "give back" to people and so I did hope that some girls would have the chance to read it and perhaps find some posts useful.  However, I didn't really think that people would come across it.  I love that people take the time to have a look and leave lovely comments and hope that aside from being a bit of fun, some girls find it informative too.

5.  What would you say has been your biggest achievement?
It's probably cliched, but I would say graduating and obtaining my dream job.

6.  What do you like to do in your free time?
Blog (haha!).  I also like to spend time with the boyfy, have lazy days, drink cocktails, dance with my girlies, read lots of different literature and shop for girlie things.

7.  What's your favourite beauty brand?
I am really struggling with this at the moment.  I own a lot of Estee Lauder make up for day to day use, however there are other brands such as MAC and Bobbi Brown that I am really just discovering properly and will probably therefore lean more towards them.

8.  You always look flawless, have you any beauty tips to share with us?
First of all - I rarely look flawless!!!  Especially with the dark circles under my eyes.  That said, I would always say drink lots of water, eat lots of veg, look after your hair and don't let beauty become a chore - find what works for you and enjoy it!

9.  Whose style are you loving at the moment?
At the moment I absolutely adore Marion Cotillard.  I think she is beautiful and would love to just have that natural womanly beauty.

10.  Which item in your make up bag would you be lost without?
Eyelash curlers without a doubt.  I could not go anywhere without curling the lashes - not with my man eyelashes!!!!!!
11. You always create such gorgeous FOTD/FOTN, what's your favourite style of make up to do?
I have always loved focusing on eye make up in the past - with a particular love for false lashes.  However, I haven't used false lashes in around 9 months so I think realistically these days it would be strong lips - although there isn't much of this on the blog...yet.  (Watch this space!!  Hehe)

12.  If you had to chose just one, would it be lipstick or eyeshadow?
Lipstick without a doubt.  Can change your look from dull to glam in seconds.  Eyeshadow requires more work to achieve the same effect.

13.  What's your ultimate pet hate when it comes to make up?
Bright felt tip highlighter (description of shade), rank blusher on deep deep orange faces.  There is too much of that in the bars around town!

14.  What do you predict will be the next trend in the beauty world?
Deep, deep lipstick.  Think Illamasqua and Rebecca on XFactor combined.  I wouldn't say as deep as black, but a lot of plum lippie.

15.  What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?
A stunning LBD from Kookai which I have had since I was 13.

16.  What are your favourite blogs to read?

17.  What can we look forward to on the Beauty Blog of a Giddy Princess?
I would think more dramatic FOTDs along with the usual FOTDs.  New found love for Bobbi Brown, MAC and NARs with reviews in addition to lots of drugstore reviews also.

18.  Have you any tips for up and coming bloggers?
Enjoy, and be, yourself.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy myself, but I have also seen other bloggers receive negative comments from nasty anons and each time I think, well I love their blog and their personalities shine through.  So I think that even if that does happen - dust yourself off and remember loads of others out there enjoy reading your blog because you are true to who you are!

Great advice to end an interview on there :)  If you did want to test out Giddy's predicted trend of plum lips I suggest giving MAC's Media a whirl....it's a lovely pigmented shade which I love!  And on the subject of Q5, her biggest achievement, I can truly say that Giddy, your answer was in no way cliched.  As a failed lawyer (well, I kinda gave up before I started lol) I can only say I am in awe of you.....a real life Legally Blonde!

So if you wanted tips, tricks and reviews from a truly gorgeous blogger then you definitely need to give this blog a look....go over there now and see what I mean!

T x

Miss Congeniality image taken from english.vietnamnet, Megan Fox image taken from houseoffraser blog