Colour Block: Blue

With under £10 to spend, blue is the perfect colour to dip your toe into the blossoming Navajo style which is emerging in shops.  Semi-precious stones are big news this season, but this faux turquoise ring is a cheap alternative.  For Navajo inspiration check out Morven, or embrace the varsity/Glee-style which is everywhere at the moment with baseball jackets or cricket jumpers.  This t-shirt is an absolute bargain.  
And speaking of the Navajo style, these flip flops are a must!  Denim shorts should be a summer style statement in all wardrobes and if only I had the figure to rock a crop top!
Admittedly, somehow I managed to find a whole host of blue buys for over £20!  (FYI the pound sign isn't included with the font package I use, hence why it's not included on the images)  I have an obsession with playsuits and I spotted this jumper in store yesterday and fell in love.  It's available in so many lovely colours but the high neckline style just won't flatter my bustline.  Booo!  Oh, and I may be wishing in the sunny weather just a tad with the inclusion of this bikini....

What blue items have made their way into your wardrobe?


Book Review: One Day

Image taken from Waterstones
Brace yourselves, I've been a slack blogger and there are a whole host of Book Reviews coming your way.

I finished this book a while ago and it was one of those reads that leave you stunned and wishing it could have gone on forever.  It tells the tale of two best friends who met at their grad ball and had a one night stand.  All chapters subsequently take place on that date over the next 20 years and give updates of the Emma and Dexter's lives.  A really unique idea that I absolutely loved.

Perhaps not so unique is the "will they or won't they?" theme that runs throughout.  The developments in the story do leave you guessing though; the outcome is not as straightforward as you would assume and there is a twist.

This has become one of my favourite rom-com books, and what surprised me more was the fact that it's written by a man.  Not that I'm implying men can't write romance, but I'm not generally drawn to books written by guys.  I like my chick lit written by, well...chicks.

Definitely one to read, it's being made into a film which I cannot wait to see.  The screenplay has been written by the David Nicholls again which should mean it stays true to the novel.  Very excited about that!

Has anyone else read this?


Colour Block: Brown

Geeeees it's been ages since I've blogged!  We finally got the keys to our new place on Monday but it was so trashed we've spent every spare moment down there sorting things out.  I've caught up with a few blogs on the iPod, but it's been really nice tonight to be able to sit down with the laptop and catch up on my reading list.  I also want to take this opportunity to say hello to my new "followers"; I fully anticipated for that number to go down while I was MIA so it was a pleasant surprise to see it increase :)

I've also done a sneaky look online at all the items I quite fancy buying and realised a heck of a lot of them are brown.  Which gave me the brainwave to try out this next piece; a colour selection (slightly LLYMLRS style-ee) but with different budgets to suit all.  Chocolate, tobacco, rust, tan, camel.....whatever you want to call it, it's a colour I'm loving so I happily trawled the internet to find my pick of this hue.  Et voila!  Let me know what you think of this trial post.

If you find yourself with a spare tenner, spend it on accessories.  This season's brown shades are all geared towards the forthcoming 70s revival, so now's the time to try this beautiful crushed velvet turban.
Textures are always big in my book, and another fabric to invest in is suede or suedette and this shift dress is perfect.  Both belts have made their way into my basket, now I need to make a choice as to which one to get....help is needed, place your votes below girls!

Nothing screams 70s like a jumpsuit; this one can be dressed up or down.  Preppy bags are here to stay and flirty hemlines are perfect for Spring.

Are you on the brown bandwagon?