Being carefree

I bought these feathers from Harland Hair in Hawaiin Princess.  They cost £14.99 which after doing some research is quite pricey.  Next time I'll order them from here.

I've had so many compliments though and caused a stir at the hairdressers where I had them fitted.  They come with little hoop fixtures, but when I went to see my sister (aka my hairdresser) she suggested we just stick it in with glue like she would normal hair extensions.  It was so quick to do and I'm loving the hippy, carefree effect.

Are you a fan of feathers?


Being energetic

You may remember that a while back I was appointed as an honorary Aussie Angel, and this Saturday I attended my first ever blogger event as part of this role.

It was with a rush that I boarded my train to London, due to the fact that as per usual I got my train times muddled and had to go back home because I forgot my shoes!  A couple of hours later I arrived at my destination; the ever-so posh Reebok Club in Canary Wharf.  In the reception I bumped into Lily and we were greeted by the lovely Emma.  She whisked us away to the changing rooms (which were seriously luxurious) and then we headed back to the cafe area for yummy breakfast treats of yoghurt with honey and fruit smoothies.

The hard work soon followed when Amanda put us through our paces.  Circuit training followed, with activities such as kickboxing, hula hooping, bench dips and ab routines.  After a break for lunch (with yummy lusciously light food, naturally) we got back to work with some yoga.

I had a fabulous day, it was great to meet some of the lovely girls behind the blogs I so happily read.  Lauren was absolutely lovely, Jen had me in fits of laughter throughout, Sherin was a sweetheart, Kristabel kept me giggling during yoga and me and Lily had loads to chat about. 

My first blogger event was everything I'd hoped it would be.  I ached all over for two days after, and I didn't realise yoga was so painful.....but that just means I worked hard, right?  Thanks so much to Aussie for organising such a fun day, I'm looking forward to the next one in June!


Being pink

The quality of these pictures is awful....I took them the other night when we got in from Ed's birthday dinner, but I just couldn't resist a photo shoot with one of the gorgeous kittens!

This is my custom oversized shirt.  I say custom, I only changed the buttons but sewing on 12 buttons was a big deal for me when I can't sew to save my life!  Sarah has been showcasing some real gems from Primark lately and I'm absolutely desperate to get my hands on this shirt.

Not much to say tonight, I'm exhausted from a blogging day out today....but more on that in another post!

- Shirt: Primark - Shorts: asos - Earrings: Topshop -


run smash into you

 Image taken from weheartit
Having shed over 70lbs, I've recently began to feel myself slipping back into my old eating habits and wanted to put a stop to this before it became an issue again.  So when the lovely ladies at Aussie Miracle challenged us honourary Angels to choose between either lightening our styles or ourselves, I jumped at the chance to kickstart my weightloss challenge.

It's been a few weeks, and I have to admit that my motivation has been zilch.  Jillian Michaels?  I was aching after the warm up.  Healthy eating?  My dinner tonight consisted of chicken fried rice drowned in curry sauce.  My Aussie Angel challenge?  Big fat fail.

So that's it.  I've had enough and I'm kicking my backside into shape.  Today I signed up to run the Race for Life in a couple of months.  I've never ran before but I'm really looking forward to beginning training.  It's amazing how much difference the positive decision to make a change and challenge myself has done to my outlook.  I'm full of energy and can't wait to make a change.

I signed up with a friend, so if any of you lovelies feel like sponsoring us, you can do so here.  Cancer is a disease that sadly affects so many, so all donations will be greatly appreciated and are going to a great cause.

Meanwhile, if you fancy lightening your load for Summer without the pain of a 5k run you can have a look at the Aussie videos I got sent here and here.

Are any of you running with Race for Life this Summer?


Product Review: Sleek True Colour Lipstick

I'm sure you'll have all seen these before; they were released a few weeks ago and have been doing the rounds on the blogosphere.  There are 20 shades to choose from, half of which are in a matte finish while the rest are a sheen formula.  I picked up Barely There and Liqueur, both of which are from the sheen range.

As ever, Sleek have not disappointed.  Both shades are beautiful (sorry....not enough light when I tried to take swatch photographs, but leave a comment below if you do want to see this and I'll add to this post later), pigmented without becoming an overpowering statement lip.  A new take on the nude lip; both look natural but boost my lips with a subtle injection of colour.

The lipsticks both feel super nourishing on my lips, it doesn't feel sticky and is thin and glossy whereas the matte shades felt a little drying on my hand when swatched in Superdrug.  This is something to be noted with the majority of matte shades however, so shouldn't dissuade you from trying any of these.  A slick of vaseline usually does the trick.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick can be bought in Superdrug (currently two for £6) or online.  Has anyone else tried these?