On safari

Ignore the....erm...interesting(?) pose.  This was the first and only picture I took of my outfit yesterday before my sister walked up the stairs.  She knows about my blog, although I am doubtful whether she reads it or even knows the url, but still posing in front of her would have made me feel silly.  Always the way, whenever I'm wearing an outfit vaguely post-worthy I never manage to get round to taking proper photographs!

This is what I wore for a trip to town with Mum and my sister.  We dropped her off to take her theory test (which she passed - well done!) and then headed for a mooch around the shops.  Me and Mum killed an hour in HobbyCraft and Staples (gotta love stationary) then we picked up my sister and paid a visit to Zara in town.  I finally managed to get my hands on a kimono, Sandra-style, as well as some other bits and bobs.  The Zara sale is amazing at the moment, this dress was only £15.99 whereas on eBay it's so much more!

Just got back in from a family garden party; once again I've changed out of my outfit and back into comfies before I took outfit pics, so may have to drag myself upstairs to re-dress and take photographs!  What's everyone else up to?
- Vest: Topshop - Waistcoat: H&M - Shorts: Dorothy Perkins - Necklace: House of Harlow - Belt: Dorothy Perkins  -


Being peaceful

I went to town to pick up one of these for my friend.  She's moving away and starting afresh, so the one engraved with "live your dreams" seemed fitting.  In some ways I'm jealous.  There have been times when I've felt I could easily move away to get away from it all, but I guess that would never work.  The seaweed's always greener and all that.

While cutting through House of Fraser (*ahem* spending a small fortune in MAC) I spotted this necklace.  It's by CC Skye and was reduced from £100 to £30.  I'm a sucker for a bargain - I love seeing how much things should have been in TK Maxx - so I couldn't pass up this gorgeous necklace.  I've got lots of gold jewellery but need to start building up my silver.  It's a bullet on a long chain, engraved with "make love not war".  Too cute.

In other news, I mentioned our puppy yesterday, and here he is:
His name's Dudley and he's an Italian Mastiff.  He'll be a pretty big dog when he's fully grown, but for now he is too adorable and gives the best cuddles!


Being thrilled

So excited to get my hands on this jacket!  I wanted it when it was full price (ever since seeing Nicole rock a red leather number) so when I spotted it in the Zara sale I knew I had to have it.  The shade of red is so flattering and the leather is really soft...even if Ed did say I looked like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video!   I picked up the ring in Topshop; people are beginning to notice my obsession with animal rings and whenever I go shopping with my friend and her two daughters they always manage to find the kitschiest jewellery for me!

It's the second day of my Summer holidays and, dare I say it, I think I'm bored already.  It's my first proper length of time of work since we moved out, and with Ed at work it just leaves me to rattle around the house.  I say just me, there's also the kittens and our new puppy (more on him later) but they're no subsitute for human company so there's a high possibility of lots of rambling posts on here for the near future.

That said, I am trying to keep busy.  One of my New Year's Resolutions was to unleash my creativity (or at least start to encourage it to trickle through) so the next six weeks could be the perfect time to do this.  I've already taken up a bit of sketching and I'm heading to the fabric shop at the end of the week in the hopes that inspiration will strike.  I want to start up a fabric box for projects and I'm thinking I'll start by making scarves.  I love scarves all year round and Zara have some lovely ones, but they just seem too overpriced for what is essentially one piece of fabric.  Are there any other crafty folks out there?  I'd love some advice on what to start with, otherwise I know I'll be doomed to go shopping everyday to kill the boredom and end up putting myself hideously in debt!

p.s. I thought I'd drop the circular photos....what are your thoughts? Keep with the circles or go back to rectangles?


Being feathered

I love feathers.  I love tan leather.  And I love sandals.  So when I spotted these on Aldo I swiftly added them to my basket and sat back eagerly to await their arrival.  They arrived promptly and I was extra happy to have got 10% off through signing up for Aldo emails.

Do you like minimalist or are you a fan of flamboyant flipflops?