Creature comforts

This is my favourite room of the house.  I call it my library but Ed managed to sneak a small tv in here so now it's Library/Games Room.  Sounds pretentious, but it's my little haven.  I love to light the candles, turn on the fairy-lit radiator, draw the curtains and snuggle up in my chair with a blanket and laptop.  The bookshelves look so much bigger IRL, and I clearly underestimated how many books I had; we're not even halfway close to filling it.  But I like it like that.  Just gives me more room to build up a collection, and in the meantime they make a perfect gallery for candles and other bits and bobs.  Such as the scuba mask I found in the beautiful antiques shop down the road.

Where's your ideal place to relax?  Link me to any blog posts....I love snooping around other people's homes.


Tattooed Bloggers 1

"A symbol from the ancient art of Alchemy.  Only a few people know its meaning; I keep it secret."
- Tabitha

I'm thinking of making this a new feature - depending on the number of people I can get involved.  Any bloggers/readers/youtubers with tattoos who'd like to be featured, let me know.  I'd love to use this as a way to showcase the variety of tattoos people choose to get.


At last

Finally I've found a pair of suede beige ankle boots to match the picture in my head!  I've been desperately searching for a pair, so was super excited to find these along with a code for 20% off and free delivery to boot!  See what I did there...?

I'm already picturing myself wearing these with a multitude of outfits.  Skinnies, denim shorts (the perfect pair of denims is next on my list), floaty dresses....

What outfit would you pair these with? 
- Boots: USC  -


Golden Eye

Am I the only one under the impression that it was going to be nice today?  We've had torrential downpour, but when I woke up the sun was shining so I was inspired to do this summery golden look.  It's so simple to recreate, with hardly any products used, so if you want to have a try here's how I did it.

Apply MAC's Studio Finish Concealer in NW20 around the eye, then a layer of MAC's Paint Pot in Bare Study to prime.  Sweep Urban Decay's Half Baked across the lid then lightly blend MAC's Amber Lights to the outer third of the lid and slightly into the crease.  Take The Body Shop's Carbon Eye Definer and smudge gently into the lower lashline and along the upper lashline on the outer corner of the eye.  Finish with two coats of Maybelline's The Falsies.

And the other details that you can't see?  Stila Tinted Moisturiser in Medium, The Body Shop's Baked-To-Last Bronzer in 02 Warm Glow, MAC Powder Blush in Melba, a random eyebrow kit, Sleek Contour Kit, Benefit Moon Beam and MAC Viva Glam Gaga on the lips.

The Aussie Miracle competition has now closed.  Good luck and thank you to all who entered.  I'll be putting names in a hat and getting Ed to pick out the winners, so those lucky ladies will be contacted shortly!


Neck adornments

Lately I feel as though I've struck gold with the choice of accessories available to decorate my neck.  Like most other bloggers I've discovered the wonders of male jewellery; this trinket was on the men's sale section of asos.  The Little Mermaid is my all-time favourite film and when Disney couture brought out their Little Mermaid range I was desperate to buy the diver's mask necklace but unfortunately couldn't bring myself to part with the cash.  At just £4, this makes for the perfect purse-friendly dupe.

A silk scarf seems to be a blogger's staple.  But as lovely as they are, I'm just not sure I'd be happy parting with £165+ for a McQueen.  This Roberto Cavalli number was on sale in my local TK Maxx for £35 instead.  Leopard print?  Check.  Fuscia pink? Check.  Silky and oh-so soft? Check.  It had to be mine.  It's the perfect length and jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit.

My last addition is this necklace....from Primark.  The reason I draw attention to this fact is that I really don't think this looks like a piece of jewellery from Primarni.  With it's sturdy chain and unusual design I think it looks far more "Topshop".  And was a fraction of Topshop's sky-high prices at just £6.  Expensive for Primark, but a bargain compared to what other shops would charge for similar.

What neck adornments have you been loving recently?


Still stripy

I'm still in the nautical swing of things.  Most probably because I'm obsessed with red lips at the moment, and nothing looks better with a red pout than a navy palette if you ask me.

A simple outfit worn to a day out in Southampton.  I popped my friend's Ikea cherry and then we spent the afternoon browsing the shops.  Yet again I spent money that I shouldn't (much like when I bought this blazer the day before) and found my perfect beige ankle boot only to discover that both pairs were stained.  I didn't purchase.  Which is probably for the best, since looking at my bank balance when I got home.  They'll have to wait until next month, along with another 2 pairs of boots I've got my eye on!

Remember, you've only got until tomorrow to enter my Aussie Miracle giveaway.  I know you're probably sick of reading about it, seeing as just about every Angel will be running this competition, but I only have 2 entries so far.  These ladies are guaranteed to win at the moment, so until I hit 7 entries (which I didn't expect to be this difficult!) everyone who enters will win by default.  The way I see it, why enter on another blog with 20+ entries when you'd have a better chance of winning by entering here?!

It's been perfect duvet day weather today.  Now that the tidying's done I plan to snuggle up on the sofa with a duvet, a mug of hot chocolate and put The Lion King on.  Disney was made for days like this.  What have you all been up to?
- Blazer: H&M - Vest top: H&M - Skirt: H&M - Tights: Primark - Watch: Michael Kors - Necklace: Accessorize - Lipstick: MAC Lady Bug  -


Party time with Uncover Aussie

You may remember a while ago I won Aussie's competition to become an honorary Angel.  I can happily say that I earned my full-time wings, and am now a fully fledged Aussie Angel!

Today I received a Party Pack as part of Aussie's Aussie-versary celebrations to commemorate the 110 years since Australia became a nation (as opposed to six colonies).  The lovely ladies at Uncover Aussie had sent me both the leave in spray and the heat protection cream from the Take The Heat range (which, incidentally, comes in what I think is their best packaging yet), as well as sunglasses, fliplops, party poppers and the always-exciting popping candy.

This is where it gets exciting.  Aussie are offering 7 of my lovely followers the chance to win their own Party Pack, with one of those winners (including winners of all other Aussie Angel giveaways) given the opportunity to win 10 tickets (yes, TEN) to the biggest party of the season...Aussie's Summer Party in October.  All you have to do for a chance to win is have a reason to celebrate.  This really can be whatever you like, and your entry can be through post form on your own blog, or simply by commenting below.  If you do write your own blog post, make sure you comment on here so I know to check it out!

With the arrival of goodies I was well and truly in the party spirit.  And who did I have to help me celebrate?
Dudley of course!  He decorated himself in party popper ribbons to celebrate that tomorrow he'll be allowed to go out for walks with me.  Hey, like I said....any excuse to party!

Now for the small print:
  • The competition is open to UK mainland residents aged 18 and over
  • Please be a follower of my blog.  Let me know how you follow and leave your email address so I can contact you if you win
  • Entry by blog post or comment below with your reason to celebrate
  • Competition closes Friday 19th August
  • Winners will be notified by Tuesday 23rd August
Good luck!


Parisienne Chic

An understated outfit, but perfect for a day which has consisted of going to the pet shop and catching up with youtube.  Dudley will be able to go out for walks next week so we picked up a lead for him, and I also needed a sturdier water bowl for the cats.  They both like water, but Beau has an absolute obsession with it.  When she hears the toilet flush she runs upstairs to check it out and when you're brushing your teeth she likes to put her paw under the tap and flick you.  Doesn't bother me too much, but her latest fad is to tip their water bowl over and roll in the puddle on the floor.  It's driving me crazy, so I've bought a heavier, dog bowl in the hope that she won't be able to do it anymore.

I've enlisted Ed as chief photographer again today, and come to the conclusion that the light is so much better in the library room that I may need to start taking photos in here.  What do you think?
- Blazer: Zara - Top: M&S - Leggings: H&M - Brogues: Topshop - Bag: TK Maxx - Lipstick: MAC Lady Bug  -


Mila Kunis eyes

Mila Kunis is looking stunning lately, and when I saw this picture I was inspired to recreate.

First I applied MAC's Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW20 to hide any dark circles.  I then lined my waterline and tightline with The Body Shop's Carbon Eye Definer in black and applied a base of MAC's Paint Pot in Constructivist across the lid and just up beyond the crease.  To get the red undertones to this look I swept MAC's Antiqued eye shadow across the lid and blended softly into the crease, before applying Buck from the UD Naked Palette to the lid.  To intensify the copper tone to the crease in Mila's eye, I gently buffed MAC's De-Vil eye shadow into the crease to finish.  Next I lined my upper and lower lashlines with the black eyeliner and then blended Creep from the Naked Palette to soften that line.  A few coats of mascara and a quick clean up with a cotton bud and the look is complete!

I've kept the rest of the face quite neutral; the usual foundation with a light dusting of matte bronzer, slight contouring of the cheeks and MAC's Shy Girl on the lips is all you need.

Next one I'm going to try?  This.


Studs and Stripes

Firstly...hello new followers!  Just wanted to point out the slight revamp of my layout in order to make my blog a little more reader-friendly.  Posts have been categorised and buttons made to help navigate to whatever takes your fancy.  I've removed links to now defunct features, but kept a few that I'm either working on, or that I think are still relevant/interesting to readers.  So have a browse, and enjoy!  Now on with the post....
Arrrrgh I know, I know I'm at risk of becoming a copy-cat, but with so many other bloggers showcasing fantastic talent it'd be rude not to take some onboard and have a try of my own, right?!

I spotted Fleur's interesting nails in one of her videos and was itching to re-create.  So when she posted this with a link to the step-by-step video I was uber-excited.

So here's my take on the "vintage jewellery"nails.  I've used a black nail varnish with Maybelline's Khaki Green followed by gold leaf (bought from eBay), as directed.  With a lack of gems though I decided to toughen the look up slightly with the studs from my earlier post.  I like the effect....reminds me less of jewels and more of glam army camo.

What are your thoughts on this look?  Feels rather extravagent walking around with 24K gold on my nails...


What's In My Bag?

In my year of blogging, I've never done one of these posts.  I love watching and reading What's In My Bag posts, so decided it was high time I let you have a snoop inside mine!

This is the latest addition to my bag collection.  Watching thefashionteller's videos has inspired me to start building a bag collection of my own.  I picked up this bag from TK Maxx for the bargain price of £34.99 (I think)...it's Fiorelli, so not high high end, but I think the price tag was worth it!  It's full of compartments so makes it less of a panic bag than usual, as I try to store things logically.

So here are the contents of my bag.  Top right is one lone hair grip with The Body Shop coconut hair oil.  This stuff takes a while to work (in the tin that is, takes a few uses for it to warm up and be more pliable) but it really does the job of keeping my over-bleached ends looking sleek and smooth.

Next along are lip products.  There's MAC's Prep & Prime Lip, Pro Longwear lipstick in Unlimited, 17's Beehive, MAC Shy Girl and Vegas Volt and then Love Nectar Lustreglass.  They're pretty standard blogging fare, so I'm not going to bore you with detailed reviews.  And of course, no handbag would be complete without a little pot of Vaseline.  Lip-saver in a tin.

I'm a big sufferer of headaches, so my bag is rarely without a stash of painkillers.  There's also a 4head stick; my friend pretty accurately described this as a Botox Stick, and while I'm not convinced it relieves headaches it certainly distracts from them with it's tingly cool feeling. 

To help me find them easier I keep my phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia FYI) and iPod in this garish yellow mock-croc purse from H&M.  I call it garish, I actually quite like the colour and it was a bargain for only £3.99 (I think...)  I assume it was meant to be a teeny tiny bag with it's long strap.  I just chopped this off and now it's the perfect phone case.

Other miscellaneous items that I can't quite stretch into anything noteworthy?  My pink Accessorize purse (looking very grubby), pens that I found in the playground when leaving work (which turned out to be very handy at bingo last week), car keys, diary and a pile of receipts.

What necessities do you store in your bag?


Studded Shoes

Another stolen idea inspired post.  When I saw Heather's glitter brogues I was desperate to do some DIY of my own but just wasn't sure whether glittery shoes are really my "thing".  So when she showcased her studded shoes I knew that this was the DIY for me.

I've used a pair of £4 Primark pumps that I've only wore once.  I went a bit shoe-crazy in there and bought 5 pairs of shoes, so had some to spare.  I used these studs from eBay and bought 100 of them, so there are enough to do some more DIY if the mood takes me!  With regards to how I did it, Heather said she used a pin but these shoes were so cheap thin I managed to push them through just using my fingers.

Those eagle-eyed among you may notice that they don't quite match.  I did my usual haphazard way for one shoe, then Ed offered to finish the other one.  He's much more logical than me, and used specific measurements to make sure that each stud was an exact distance apart.  That might annoy some people, I like them a little bit more because of it.

What do you think of my first steps into DIY?


La Mer Collections

It's been a couple of months since I turned 24 and this post is long overdue.  My Mum bought me this watch which has made a welcomed and unique addition to my watch collection.

La Mer Collections create individual timepieces, inspired by "South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flowers, Italy’s gorgeous leathers and Thailand’s clear blue ocean."  There are so many to choose from, and on La Mer's website there is a customise feature for you to personalise every aspect of your watch, from the face to the strap and you can even add a charm bracelet-type detail.  The only problem with this however are La Mer's shipping fees - a staggering £51 to have your watch shipped to the UK.

Because of this I opted against a custom watch and chose this grey and rose gold version from shopbop.  The leather is hand-dyed and so soft and supple.  I know there are cheaper alternatives on the high street at the moment, but the quality of this watch really does show.  And at around £70 it isn't that much more expensive than the high street copies.

For me, it's the brand that I've completely bought into.  With such a wide variety of styles available I could (and will) happily invest in more than one.

Which of the La Mer watches is your favourite? 


Studded nails

A slight copy-cat post....or as I prefer to call it "inspired" by Holly.  When I saw her studded nails I couldn't resist and rushed out to get my hands on these Andrea Fulerton studs from Superdrug.  I used to be a nail art junkie, spending a ridiculous amount of money on stripers, diamontes, glitter and all sorts.  My collection gradually dwindled though, so let's take this as me dipping my toe back in the waters of glitzy nails!

The studs cost £5.99 for a pack of 100 (apparently....looks less to me) and I teamed them with Nails Inc's Caramel (the Diet Coke exclusive).  Unfortunately I've lost my top coat so had to make do with an aging No.7 bottle.....hence the slightly bubbly appearance!

Are you a fan of nail art?


Dress down Thursday

A couple of days ago Jen wrote this post which really gave me food for thought.  Some days, when I'm not leaving the house, I genuinely can't be bothered to get dressed.  I pull on whichever clothes I come across first and that's my outfit for the day.  Admittedly, today isn't one of those days; the addition of a belt shows that I did attempt to put in some effort.  But that said, this isn't an outfit that I would normally post.  But then I remembered Jen's post and thought, why not?  Blogs are about personal style, and personally my style isn't always playsuits and skirts.  Just as there's a media storm surrounding the airbrushing of images, and multiple blog debates on the disclosure of freebies to ensure that blog subscribers and the general public aren't getting a false perception of a product, I think it's important for bloggers to portray themselves truthfully.

So I happily disclose this bogstandard outfit in which I have spent the day tidying, cleaning up after the dog and watching Bridget Jones.  And I applaude those youtubers, or bloggers who are confident enough to appear without make up, or in an outfit less than extraordinary.

Are you always immaculately presented, or do you enjoy cudsy days?


Keeping cool

Seriously, how hot was it today?!  I made the rookie mistake of falling asleep mid-afternoon with the windows shut and woke up feeling so sick.  Trying to combat the heat meant the world saw my bare legs for the second time in the last 5 days.  The good thing is they seem to be getting a bit of colour on them, although I think that could just be due to the amount of gradual tanner I'm slathering on to try and avoid dazzling you all with my paleness.

Some of my eBay orders arrived today.  I'm now armed with studs to try and make studded pumps (Heather-style) and a mass of feathers and suede.  I want to make a more substantial version of the H&M feather belt/hairband to wear in my hair, and my sister's already selected the feathers she wants me to make earrings with.  So annoying that she decides she wants me to do this now, I was only in HobbyCraft last week and it's such a trek from my house to go again!

Brighton yesterday with my Mum and sister was fun.  Highlight was definitely the Urban Outfitters store, although I found out today that the awesome jumper I bought has a hole under the arm!  Not happy, but luckily I'll be in London at the weekend for Africa Fashion Week and should be going again next week perhaps so I'll be able to return at some point.

How have you all coped with the heat today?
- Tshirt: Espirit - Skirt: Zara -