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" 'Love's not Time's Fool' from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.  It reminds me that true love doesn't stop because time's passed.  Life ends, feelings change....but real love stays alive."


The Look Show

The venue
Westfield was crazy.  I prefer the Shepherd's Bush one - much more luxurious, without the insane crowds.  We were lucky enough to receive a discount booklet but unfortunately the majority of these offers could only be redeemed in Westfield.  Shopping was such an effort, me and Steph only made it to a handful of shops during the "fashion festival" so nearly all of these are wasted.

The event
Lots of queuing, lots of confusion.  Partly my fault, partly because of a lack of effective communication from River Island (who I won the tickets from).  The experience was made more enjoyable because we had VIP seats; we were sat right at the end of the catwalk so had a great view of all the outfits.  Some of the other girls only had standing tickets and that was a real shame for them.  The standers were up in the food court, so people eating were able to watch alongside.  Surely defeats the object of winning tickets?!

The company
It was great to meet so many of my favourite bloggers.  I spent the day with Steph as my plus one, it was like we'd known each other for ages.  We bumped into Emma, Hannah, Lily and Kate who were all absolutely lovely.  I chatted to Jen briefly, who was delightful as ever, and also saw Sara, Lily, Laura, Victoria and Gem.  During the show, I spotted Zoe across the catwalk too!

The clothes
My favourite collections came from Forever 21, New Look and Urban Outfitters.  To check out all of the clothes featured, click here.

The verdict
All in all, a fun day was had.  I'm grateful to Look for the show, the champers and the goodies and to River Island for giving me the tickets.  I can't wait for the next event, where...fingers crossed...we can manage a blogger's meal!

Did anyone else go that I didn't spot?


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"...from the book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'...given to me by my Stepdad helping me to come out of a very dark place a couple of years ago.  The book is about self-perfection, the unwillingness to conform and following your passion.  The tattoo was a reminder of these and my way of showing him he really helped me."


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"My hand-poked moth with Tibetan-style clouds.  I feel it shows how I'm a bit dreamy with my head constantly in the clouds, and I have a love of insects, especially moths and butterflies."
- Amii


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"...a quote from one of my favourite films - 'Me You and Everyone We Know' - and sums up how I feel about life.  I always feel like I'm on the cusp of something exciting and that I'm destined for amazing things!"