What I bought in Primark: 28/10/11

~ Shopping in Primark can be frantic for even the most seasoned of shoppers. I'll be bringing these posts to you as a friendly guide, showing you what's in stores and when, to help you next time you shop ~
Brown suede boots - £12
These boots are super soft and cosy inside with a sturdy sole, perhaps explaining why they're so hard to get hold of unless you're a size 3.  My only negative is that they pinch my left toes slightly, which is strange because it never usually happens.  Perhaps a sizing issue?  I'm looking forward to wearing these through the winter with chunky socks peeking out of the top.
Velvet glitter pumps - £8
There's nothing Primark does better than basic pumps, and these are the jazzed up cousins of my Primark shoe family.  The subtle velvet is offset by in-your-face glitter, and I love it.
Feather hair tie - £1.50
You'll have all seen these before, but this headband is my first step into the world of hair adornments.  So easy to use, comes in a variety of patterns and cheap to boot.  You can't go wrong!

What have you picked up in Primark lately?


Tattooed Bloggers 10

"I have always felt very drawn to the sea, having lived beside it all my life and working in the Maritime industry...the anchor was an obvious choice.  I love the symbolism behind swallows - swallows mate for life and so symbolise loyalty and fidelity.  Sailors traditionally had swallow tattooed on them because if you saw a swallow it meant you were close to land; also because if sailors had swallow tattoos, if they drowned then the swallow would carry their soul to heaven."


Dinner at Dad's

I'm a little bit gutted that half term is nearly over.  It's been very productive; gutting the kitchen and starting again from scratch, although I can't help but feel I would have much rather appreciated spending lots of time shopping instead.  Ah well, some retail therapy is on the cards tomorrow with a trip to TK Maxx and a stop off at the hairdressers to talk to my sister about going slightly lighter.  I say "talk", what I'm actually holding out for is a dye job there and then!

This is the skirt that I literally stalked a lady in Norwich's Zara store for.  I'm not normally such an aggressive shopper, but I was on the look out for it anyway and she seriously breached shopping etiquette when she more or less shoved my hand out of the way to snatch it from my grasp.  My secret squirreling paid off though, and as soon as she put this down I snapped it up!  It's much too big for me though, but in my euphoric moment I didn't care.  And I still don't as I can jazz it up with different belts and give it a paper bag-type waist instead.

Off for a Chinese at Mum's now.  I'm not one for buying masses of food from there as I tend to stick to one dish, but my Stepdad is a serious grazer which means there's always lots of yumminess up for grabs.  I won't enjoy the food baby that follows nearly as much as I enjoyed eating it!

Before I go, thoughts please.  I usually take everything off of my door to get a clear shot for outfit posts, but I'm kinda liking having a bit more of my room showing.  What do you think?  Should I stick to plain white or do you think the clutter adds a bit of interest?
- Skirt: Zara - Top: asos - Super Cosy Tights: Primark - Belt: H&M - Necklace: F21 -


Everyday blend

If, like me, you've always struggled to master the basic daytime smokey eye using browns then this is the post for you.  Too many times I've attempted only to find that the browns just don't sit right with my complexion.  Slightly startled expressions aside (I've yet to master photographing make up effectively), I think I've finally cracked it.

After foundation and concealer, apply MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot to the lids, followed by eye shadow in Wedge.  Next, take Buck from the Urban Decay Naked Palette and blend softly into the crease and outer lid and then smudge Darkhorse into the lower lashline.  Curl lashes and then I like to double up my mascara.  I apply a coat of Collection 2000's Big Fake to get right into the roots and then Smashbox's Lash DNA for blackness and volume.  Finally I add a gentle flick of Miss Sporty'sFabulous Glam Liquid Liner.

FYI I also used Revlon ColourStay Foundation in Sand Beige, e.l.f's Mineral Glow in Bronzed, Vivo Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit and Baked Blush in Peaches and Cream and MAC's Speed Dial lipstick.

Do you have a staple brown smokey eye mix?


Vitamin E Skin Oil

I'm a fiend for anything coconut-scented; when Adrienne blogged about Superdrug's Vitamin E range I eagerly rushed out just so that I could add to my collection of holiday-smelling skincare goods.

I picked up the Hot Cloth Cleanser as well as the Day and Night moisturisers but it was this product that really caught my eye.  As a dry skin sufferer, I've never before seen a moisturising oil and was excited to try it out.

As expected, this smells deliciously coconutty and comes out a few drops at a time from a small dispenser (hole) when squeezed.  This is perfect for applying at night with my fingertips onto the dry skin that I suffer from around my nose and cheeks at this time of year.  My skin hasn't felt drastically smoother, but it hasn't stung either which is what I normally find when I apply cream directly onto this sore spot.  Last week Dudley managed to get his tooth inside my nose (long story....what I thought was a nice hug gone very wrong) and it was so sore, but the oil soothed it over night and it was a lot less sore the next day.

This product retails in Superdrug stores and online for £1.49.



Just a quick outfit thrown on after walking Dudley this morning. I was inspired by India Rose and her stylish yet casual look so thought I'd have a go with my Topshop silk-look vest.  The red jacket which I so wanted yet rarely wear added a nice burst of colour and I finally got to wear my beige boots again.  I love them but in this weather I'm terrified of ruining the suede.

This second photo looks so weird...I forgot to check whether the tag was the right way around on my bag so I had to reflect it to avoid looking like a total dumbass!  I normally have issues with wearing leather with leather but I think the jacket and bag work together.  I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong.  I picked this Michael Kors tote up in Bicester the other weekend.  Not gonna lie, totally disappointed with Mulberry and threw the Mitzy Tote fund out of the window; Ed bought me a bag from Michael Kors instead and I couldn't resist picking this up as we left the store.  Wish I'd got the tan colour too now....

It's half term next week but I'll be busy helping with the new kitchen we're getting fitted.  Le sigh.  Means less time for shopping and trash tv.  Mum's taken pity on us though, so I'm looking forward to heading over to her's for some home-cooked dinner every night.

I'm thinking of getting a new 'do this week.  Opinions please, is ombre dead?
- Jeans: asos - Vest: Topshop - Jacket: Zara - Bag: Michael Kors  -


Tattooed Bloggers 9

"...a lotus...I like the symbolism of it; lotus flowers germinate at the bottom of the pond, in muck and mud and grow towards the surface and light, unstained.
I'd had a pretty shoddy past couple of years, from leaving my job due to illness, being quite poorly and becoming homeless.  Things are starting to look up...I see the tattoo as a reminder of that." 


Tattooed Bloggers 8

"I love the way stars look...the perfect addition to a page of doodles.  A star on my school uniform, a star from my religion...three stars for me and my two sisters.  Just one of those things that make me smile."
- Lily



 Image taken from here
I'm in that awkward 'to grow out or not to grow out' stage with my fringe.  I thought I was sold on getting rid of it, until I saw Leona Lewis' new video.  She looks beautiful and has become my new hair inspiration.

Do you have any recommended products or tips on how to style my fringe like this?


Tattooed Bloggers 7

"Butterflies are just beautiful...I love the shape they make side on.  I can be free, I can do anything and everything as long as I'm willing to try and am happy to fly away to find it"


Pastel Party

Really strufflinf with what to write for this post, so I'll leave it at this.  Pastel shades to brighten up my mood.  I can't wait for this heatwave to end, but there's no reason why my nails shouldn't enjoy.

Who else is well and truly ready for Autumn?


Tattooed Bloggers 6

"I love mythical creatures; fairies featured heavily in the books I read as a child so I equate them with a more carefree time of life.  When I first started my search for a fairy tattoo I came across a lot of highly sexualised fairies...the exact opposite of how I view fairies, hence there's very little detail to mine but the colouful wings.  Not even a face.
I've been through a lot in my life...in a way my tattoo is the start of me doing things my way."