Tattooed Bloggers 10

"I have always felt very drawn to the sea, having lived beside it all my life and working in the Maritime industry...the anchor was an obvious choice.  I love the symbolism behind swallows - swallows mate for life and so symbolise loyalty and fidelity.  Sailors traditionally had swallow tattooed on them because if you saw a swallow it meant you were close to land; also because if sailors had swallow tattoos, if they drowned then the swallow would carry their soul to heaven."


Vitamin E Skin Oil

I'm a fiend for anything coconut-scented; when Adrienne blogged about Superdrug's Vitamin E range I eagerly rushed out just so that I could add to my collection of holiday-smelling skincare goods.

I picked up the Hot Cloth Cleanser as well as the Day and Night moisturisers but it was this product that really caught my eye.  As a dry skin sufferer, I've never before seen a moisturising oil and was excited to try it out.

As expected, this smells deliciously coconutty and comes out a few drops at a time from a small dispenser (hole) when squeezed.  This is perfect for applying at night with my fingertips onto the dry skin that I suffer from around my nose and cheeks at this time of year.  My skin hasn't felt drastically smoother, but it hasn't stung either which is what I normally find when I apply cream directly onto this sore spot.  Last week Dudley managed to get his tooth inside my nose (long story....what I thought was a nice hug gone very wrong) and it was so sore, but the oil soothed it over night and it was a lot less sore the next day.

This product retails in Superdrug stores and online for £1.49.


Tattooed Bloggers 9

"...a lotus...I like the symbolism of it; lotus flowers germinate at the bottom of the pond, in muck and mud and grow towards the surface and light, unstained.
I'd had a pretty shoddy past couple of years, from leaving my job due to illness, being quite poorly and becoming homeless.  Things are starting to look up...I see the tattoo as a reminder of that." 


Tattooed Bloggers 8

"I love the way stars look...the perfect addition to a page of doodles.  A star on my school uniform, a star from my religion...three stars for me and my two sisters.  Just one of those things that make me smile."
- Lily


Tattooed Bloggers 7

"Butterflies are just beautiful...I love the shape they make side on.  I can be free, I can do anything and everything as long as I'm willing to try and am happy to fly away to find it"


Tattooed Bloggers 6

"I love mythical creatures; fairies featured heavily in the books I read as a child so I equate them with a more carefree time of life.  When I first started my search for a fairy tattoo I came across a lot of highly sexualised fairies...the exact opposite of how I view fairies, hence there's very little detail to mine but the colouful wings.  Not even a face.
I've been through a lot in my life...in a way my tattoo is the start of me doing things my way."