Tattooed Bloggers 18

"An illustration of Peter Pan blowing out the stars by Mabel Lucie Atwell from one of the early publications of Peter Pan - a book Mum always read to us.  It reminds me of the innocence and magic of my childhood."


Tattooed Bloggers 17

"A feather to represent the fragility of life and to symbolise how fleeting things can be..."
- Rosie

(If anyone would like to take part in this series, please send me an email to tabithabluebell@gmail.com.)


Tattooed Bloggers 16

"...two wolf paw tattoos on my chest, with silhouettes of trees growing through them. I have always loved wolves and admire their sense of family and loyalty to one another. Their compassion and devotion inspires me to be a better person."


Mary-Lou Manizer

I find highlighter such an addictive product; I'm always on the quest for perfect glowing skin and so have amassed a pile of highlighters.  The Mary-Lou Manizer (took me about a day to get the play on words) is a gorgeous champagne-colour in the pan, which transfers to a cool-toned pale gold on the skin.  It's silky smooth to apply and a little really does go a long way, meaning this 8.5g compact will last me a long while.

Besides the product itself, I also love the packaging.  It's very kitsch and reminiscent of something that Benefit would make.  The box itself is fun to read (yes, I'm a geek) and the compact is sturdy and comes complete with an always-handy mirror.  On the downside the highlighter pan has come away from the compact itself, meaning it spins around irritatingly when trying to get some on my brush, but this is nothing a little glue won't fix.

Overall I think this a good highlighter which would suit most skin tones.  It would be easy to overdo this product, so blending is the key as it does sit very prominently on the skin at first.  In my opinion it's a little pricey at £17.99 for a relatively unheard-of company, but the powder doesn't have that gritty feeling that some can which means you're definitely getting better quality for your money.  You can purchase the Mary-Lou Manizer from www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk.

Does anyone else have any products by The Balm?


Tattooed Bloggers 15

"I had these tattoos done to celebrate my birthday. I had my right foot done on my 18th and the left on my 21st. I designed them myself and they capture how I felt at the time perfectly."