Jumper: Topshop
What do you think of the new location?  It hit me the other week that our bedroom wall has a brilliant expanse of bare space, making it perfect for photos.  I didn't use it originally because white seems to be bloggers' choice for pictures, but I think it comes out as a beautiful muted taupe on camera which I'm loving.

I'm chuffed so many of you love Gotye; I didn't know if I was late on the bandwagon, but it seems I've introduced the song to a few of you which makes me smile.  I downloaded it on a whim after watching the video on tv and I've played it everyday since!

I'm suffering from that nasty cold that's doing the rounds lately.  The lightheaded/sore throat/cold freeze feeling when breathing one that makes you feel poop but not bad enough to phone in sick.  I wish I could be bed-ridden just to get some sleep!  Two nights of being woken up at all hours by the cats is not fun.

So tell me.....what went down at the ZOMG Blogger Bash?  Looks like an awesome time was had by all!



After a month of hectic weekends, this one has been an extremely lazy and relaxing one.  So much so that I haven't needed to put make up on for the past two days...I know, unheard of right?!  I've spent my time seriously pimping myself out in the social networking mediums.  I've given my tumblr a revamp as well as following the masses by finally signing up to share my pictures on instagram.  My username is "scaredtoast" if you fancy having a look at what I get up to.  Besides that, here's a little run down of the highlights of my weekend:
*Having a naughty dinner from Domino's pizza menu*
*Catching up with blogs*
*Making a sneaky asos purchase*
*Fighting Beau for the laptop*
*Laughing at Dudley stealing Ed's chair when he's not in the room*
*Loving this song*

So I'll finish this post with a plea....it's a little lonely following people with nobody to see what I post!  If you have tumblr or instagram and liked this post, then please have a look and follow me for more of the same.  And equally, I'm on the lookout for people to follow.  Leave me your links/usernames below and I'll check you out!


Tattooed Bloggers 22

"My first tattoo was a symbol representing my starsign.  I managed to knock a section of it off while it was healing, meaning a small part is now missing.  I did consider getting it filled in, but I quite like the fact that, like everything else, it's not perfect..."

And that's it!  The bank of Tattooed Bloggers has now run dry.  Thank you to everyone who took part, and to anyone else wanting to take part then drop me an email, maybe this could continue as a less regular series.  I loved seeing the variety of tattoos we choose, did you all enjoy it?


Leather and Stripes

Jumper: M&S
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: Disney Couture

The dark evenings are killing any chances of me taking half decent outfit shots on a daily basis.  I have to have a mad rush at the weekend to photograph anything I've worn during the week and half the time I forget which clothes I've worn!  I did however have an epiphany at the weekend and inspiration struck for a new location.  Expect to see a change of scenery soon!

Not much to report really.  This seven-week month is absolutely killing me so I can't wait for payday next week.  Not that I'm spending anything, it's just nice to have money in the bank as a buffer.  The plan is to not spend this pay packet and then straight after payday next month head to Bicester to treat myself to a Burberry trench.  I'm in the process of drafting a "25 before 25" list (with only 5 months to go) and owning a Burberry trench coat is top of my list!  Speaking of which, I've also managed to tick off another of my goals by booking myself on a photography course courtesy of a hefty reduction via groupon.  I can't wait to improve my (non-existent) skills and hopefully give my blog some better photos!

Not much else to report for this week.  I'm on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred - which reminds me, fellow Shredders, do you take any rest days?  We also celebrated Chinese New Year at school with a Chinese restaurant which smelled seriously amazing and has inspired me to cook a yummy stir fry for dinner!


A leopard never changes its spots...

Jumper: Warehouse
Shorts: Motel Rocks
Super Cosy Tights: Primark
Necklace: Topman

I was given these shorts way-back-when after the Motel Rocks event.  I love them; the fabric, the print, the shape....just not sure whether they love me?  I've been after some shorts which are tighter around the thigh, but I'm not sure whether these are too tight.  What do you think?

Dinner last night was yummy and it was so nice to see old friends again.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and thankfully, due to the number of us we managed to get on the VIP list and have a table reserved.  A two and a half hour wait for a seat?  Not my idea of fun.  I'm not convinced I'd choose to go back again; it was more of a "special" place to go to for a celebration which was nice, but by the end of the night my throat was sore from having to shout over the music and I longed to be sitting somewhere with the lights on!  I had a delicious burger though, so would definitely recommend it for the food and the experience.

I've finally got my house back.  It was lovely having Ed's friends come to visit, as it's such a long trip from Norwich to Surrey that it doesn't happen often, but it's nice to have the house to ourselves again.  I'm looking forward to a cosy night on the sofa wrapped in our duvet and watching Criminal Minds.  First stop, bath and PJs!

What did you do this weekend?


Tattooed Bloggers 21

"An Ohm.  I'd admired the shape for years, then I saw a definition which read "the bearer of this symbol will get what they want and desire from life"...I was sold!  My twin sister has the same one, I plan to get a wishbone and dreamcatcher in the future."


The Dress

This is what I wore to the wedding I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted this dress in the Summer but £38 seemed a bit steep for a company I hadn't really heard much about and just thought of as a concession within Topshop.  It was half price in the sale with free P&;P after Christmas so I figured I'd give them a try seeing as I had nothing else to wear anyway!  Delivery took quite a while, but the dress itself arrived wrapped in pink tissue paper with the invoice sealed inside a pink envelope.  Fantastic touches that really made shopping online a dream...H&M, take note!

Tomorrow I'm off to London for the bestie's birthday dinner.  I'll be wearing this dress then too!  Since losing weight and not going out partying as much I really struggle with more formal occasions because very few of my old clothes still fit.  That said, I'm not happy with the chunkiness of my legs in these photos and the weight I put on at Christmas in general.  It's the first time since losing weight that I've put any back on (other than a couple of pounds) and I'm finding it difficult to get back into the mindset of healthy eating and exercise.  I'm starting with Gillian Michaels and her promises to lose up to 5lbs a week!
Besides a night out tomorrow, Ed's got two friends coming to stay so I'll be surrounded by boys for the weekend!  What are you all up to?
-Dress: In Love With Fashion - Blazer: Republic - Bag: Topshop - Necklace: House of Harlow 1960 -


MAC Sheen Supreme - Asian Flower

This lipstick is fast becoming a favourite of mine.  Sheen Supremes are a lovely glossy formula with buildable colour.  Asian Flower is a beautiful magenta; a vivid purple in bullet form which transfers to a more subtle violet than Up The Amp with a bubblegum pink tone.

Do you own any of MAC's Sheen Supremes?  You need Asian Flower in your life now!!


All you need is faith and trust....and a little bit of pixie dust!

I was recently lucky enough to be chosen by the Fairy Hobmother to have some fairy dust sprinkled into my life.  She kindly sent me an Amazon voucher, with which I purchased this Moleskine Recipe Journal.  I ummm-ed and aahh-ed over getting the Style Journal instead, but decided that my blog and all of yours are pretty much my style journals, and a book where I could write down much-treasured family recipes was a far better use of my gift.  So thank you, Fairy Hobmother, you brightened up my week and I'm sure this will be a keepsake to be used for many years to come!

What would you wish for?


December Favourites: Beauty

A little later than I would have liked...blame the short days!
  • Sleek Contour Kit in Light - this is a product that I've been using daily for well over a year now and have only recently began to hit pan on the matte bronze side.  The compact is a handy way to quickly add dimension to your face.
  • e.l.f Golden Bronzer - I don't tend to use this product as a highlighter or bronzer; it's more of a champange colour than the word "golden" would suggest and is perfect as a shimmery neutral eye shadow.
  • Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Creme - yep, it's made the list again.  I literally don't think I would last a day without this.  My hands get incredibly sore this time of year; just washing up yesterday left them all cracked, swollen and red raw.  No other product soothes my hands whilst smelling so good!
  • Urban Fudge Texture Blaster - this styling spray smells yummy, doesn't leave hair sticky or particularly crunchy (there is a little texture left, as the name would suggest) and is a great quick fix on days when your hair is too messy to be neat, but too neat to be messy!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark & Deep Brown - I really don't need to say anything about this!  I've had to start hiding mine as Ed's suddenly taking more of an interest in hair care and has taken to using this!
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Floweran amazing magenta that everyone must own...proper swatch post coming this week!
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion - I don't like to be uber tanned in the winter, but without a tan I look pasty and chunkier than I am!  This is the perfect balance, providing a light bronze colour to the skin without being full-on TOWIE.  The best gradual tanner I've ever used.
  • MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - nothing much needs saying here, nearly every other blogger owns this palette but I only managed to pick it up last month.  Amazing pigmentation with a great selection of neutral shades.
  • Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - my sister's salon has stocked this for a good few years now although I've only recently begun to appreciate it.  My ombre locks have gone and I'm still paying the price for 18 months of bleached ends.  This smooths my rough, frizzy ends and makes them look sleek and smooth.
  • Zara Black Peony - I've heard this perfume be compared to Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. Quite frankly I'm crap at describing fragrances so I won't even bother.  All I will say is that Flowerbomb is yummy and this is equally yummy too.  But the best part is the price.  £19.99 for 100ml, a fancy bottle and sturdy packaging is a win in my eyes.
  • HD Brows - this year I really am on a mission to perfect my brows.  This kit is cooler in tone than the Vivo one which made my last post so blends with my eyebrows more.  I like to double it with the gel provided by Vivo.
  • Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks - this has been in my make up collection for a while but for some reason I rarely reach for it.  On a whim I applied it a few weeks ago and have been wearing it virtually ever since.  The perfect dirty pink shade.
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge - after watching Pixiwoo I decided I had to have this liner.  It's a beautiful golden bronze and is perfect in the waterline for just adding a little something extra to your eye make up.
Do you own any of the products that made my list?


Tattooed Bloggers 20

"I got this tattoo with my best friend.  It represents a time in my life when I was a little bit lost, but I grew and found myself..."


A hint of sparkle

After my review of the MAC Dazzlesphere I thought I'd post a quick look using the product.  I commented that it was a tad messy; I actually take that back now.  So far this has worked like a dream for me, with none of the dreaded fall-out!

This was one of those looks that was so simple to create but so effective.  I think the quality and pigmentation of the Dazzlesphere was the reason behind this.  After applying foundation etc I applied Indianwood Paint Pot to the lid and then pressed on Seasonal Cool across the lid and blended softly into my crease.  I swept a tiny bit of Misty into my inner corner and the inner third of my eyelid, and finished with winged out eyeliner and a few coats of mascara.  As a final touch I added MAC Kohl Liner in Powersurge to my waterline. 

Despite the blinged-out Dazzlesphere, the end result is an eye-brightening look with just the right amount of sparkle.  What do you think?



And here's my necklace in action!  I took these photos a while ago after another day out shopping (the spending restrictions are in force now...le sigh) and it was a good opportunity to showcase some of the bits I got for Christmas!  The bag was from Ed and Mum got me the leather jacket.  It makes me feel like a "grown up" for some reason when I wear it.  The leather's quite thin and it falls almost like a waterfall front blazer which makes a change from the normal biker-style leather jacket.

It's been a hectic weekend.  We went to a wedding reception yesterday which was lovely.  The bride was a friend from uni; she looked beautiful and it was so nice to see old faces and catch up.  Then today we were out for a family lunch, where again it was good to see family and catch up.  I'm not really close to any of my cousins, this is really the one time of year when I see them all and it's crazy to see how everyone's grown up!  I still imagine that my youngest cousin is about 9 even though she's probably 16!

I'm considering setting up my shop again this week.  Just my wardrobe, I won't bother with bracelets again.  Little known fact, when I first started blogging I featured bracelets I used to make but there wasn't much interest.  Sometimes it feels like a kick in the teeth to see other bloggers making a really good go of it, but that's life I suppose!  Anyhow, depending on the light in the evenings when I get home from work, there's a box of old clothes in the cupboard under the stairs waiting to find a good home if anybody's interested?
-Jacket: Zara - Leggings: H&M - Black Vest: Topshop - White Vest: H&M - Necklace: Topshop - Bag: Michael Kors -


Tattooed Bloggers 19

"I have always said, thought and believed that everything happens for a reason... It's a reminder to keep believing in my self, hopes and dreams.  In the future I'm planning to get a dreamcatcher underneath"


Feather obsession

I couldn't justify buying this necklace when I first spotted it in the summer, but when I saw it at 50% off I knew it was fate!  Most of my sale purchases have been jewellery this year, I got another few necklaces from Accessorize at 70% off so expect to see them soon!
- Necklace: Topshop -



One of my only sale purchases this year was this t-shirt from Topshop.  The dipped hem reminds me of India Rose and it'll look great with a pair of denim shorts in the summer.  Now all I need is the legs to wear denim shorts... Oh, and a tan!  After looking at these photos I definitely need to get on the fake tan again.

Back to work today.  Am I the only person whose first thought in the morning is how many years there are left till I can retire?  I shouldn't though.  I genuinely enjoy my job and I know there are so many people out there who are struggling to find employment, so I shouldn't complain.  Just wish I could work a bit less!

Getting my hurr did on Friday.  Went with my sister to the hairdressing supply shop, got seriously tempted by the OPI polishes (worked out at just over a fiver each!) and settled on more of a light brown shade.  Rosie is my hair crush atm but my poor poor hair is just too upset to allow me to live my dreams at the moment.  The ombre has killed my ends, I'm convinced one side is shorter than the other (quite possible my sister tells me, that its "snapped off") and it's so tangly when wet I can't face combing it.  Plus it's becoming a serious blogger cliche.  I don't think I'll be bleaching my ends again...the horrible condition you're left with is definitely something to bear in mind kids!
-Coat: Primark - T-shirt: Topshop - Shorts: Vero Moda @asos - Necklace - Topman - Rings: Tiffany, Links of London & Westwood Rocks -