Make Up Storage

My make up storage needed a shake up. My boudoir had slowly become a dumping ground and I stopped bothering to put make up away when I finished it in the morning. So on Saturday, Ed and I headed to Southampton for an impromptu Ikea visit to pick up my new storage system....the Helmer! I'd read about this on Charlotte's blog, and after watching Lily's video I was sold.  And the best part was, it only cost £25 + another £10 for the tray inserts.  So how do I store everything?
Top drawer is foundations.  Right at the back are those I never use, in the middle are my current bottles, primer and tinted moisturisers and then at the front are my concealers.
Next is eyeshadows. Again, at the back are those I don't use, then in the middle are various drugstore brands and my MAC crushed metal pigments.  In the front two compartments are primers and paintpots, and then my MAC shades.
Underneath is a fairly empty drawer of make up, eyeliners and my HD brows palette. Mascara isn't really my thing, so any suggestions for holy grail products would be gratefully received.
Blush, however, is my thing.  In this drawer there's a mish mash of brands, then Topshop and Sleek in the front right and MAC next to it.  Tucked in with the Topshop blushers is my Cream Colour Base and in the middle on the left is bronzers and highlighters.
And here is my guilty pleasure!  I've got enough MACs to make the front left section stand upside down so I can read the labels easily, but I'll have to invest in some more to do the same with the right!  Behind that are various brands, and on the left are glosses, pencils and liners.  At the back are my spare MACs (yes, I did buy a back up Viva Glam Gaga...)
Finally, at the bottom is eyeshadow palettes.  I don't have too many of these, just my Naked palettes, MAC, Sleek, MUA Heaven & Earth and Fashionista.  On reflection, I'll turn this tray around so that the Naked palettes are at the front.
What about brushes, I hear you say. These are stored in my dressing table in those handy empty Glossyboxes. Face brushes in one, eye brushes in the other.
And finally, next to my Helmer is a cake stand filled with nail varnishes.  This is so much tidier than the drawer they were all thrown in before and so pretty to look at!

So in the words of Mary Poppins, I've found the fun (in organising) and snap!  The job's a game!  How do you store your make up?  I love having a nosey, so link me to any posts you might have done!  And if you haven't seen enough photos, have a look at this....so cute!


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Facial Lotion

I know, I know...I frequently post a new moisturiser and herald it as my new favourite but this one really is.  I picked this up in Superdrug because I love Palmer's products and well, just got sucked into the idea of a new range.

I have dry skin, ranging to extremely dry (and slight eczema) across my forehead.  I already use the solid cocoa butter with an eco tools pad every day on this area, and know that the Palmer's formula doesn't aggrevate my eczema so I figured I'd give this a go and see how it worked out on the rest of my skin.

Not gonna lie, I did get buyer's remorse when I got home and read the product in a bit more depth.  I was sold by the fact that it's for sensitive skin, but when I spotted that it's lightweight my heart sunk.  My parched skin needs some industrial-strength moisturiser!  I'm not sure if my understanding of "lightweight" is wrong, but I wouldn't say this product is that.  Or maybe I've severely over-estimated the dryness of my skin?  Anyway, this does feel quite light and slightly gel-like on application (perhaps this is the lightweight part?) but the moisture it provides is amazing.  My skin feels hydrated and smooth, and this feeling lasts for a good while after I've done my make up.

This moisturiser also claims to calm stressed skin and reduce redness.  I do suffer from the usual redness around my nose, but wouldn't say I've spotted a dramatic difference in this.  I'm not sure I'd classify my skin as "stressed out", so couldn't comment on the effects it would have.

Has anybody else tried this?


MAC Tres Cheek collection: Full of Joy

When I received the email about MAC's latest (of many) new collection, I was excited by the purpleish hue on the model's cheeks.  Then I Temptalia-d for swatches and all excitement left.  The blushers all look similar in tone and there wasn't the lavender shade that I've been looking for.

Then I went instore and cracked.  I was instantly drawn to Full of Joy and, once swatched, I had to have it.  It's like a more pigmented version of Azalea Blossom and really does leave a gorgeous pinky-lilac sheen to the cheeks.  It's decently pigmented, and you don't need much to build up a good colour.  That said, it was too tricky to photograph, hence no shots of it applied.  This blush is a must for anyone who likes purple-tinged blushers reminiscent of Benefit's Hervana, and despite it's Frost classification is devout of any shimmer.


Garnier Youthful Radiance Creams

The Garnier Youthful Radiance creams are right up there in my list of favourite moisturisers.  At the moment I'm using a different range, but for a long time I used to use this pair day and night.  They're also readily available and can be bought in Boots or Superdrug, or alternatively picked up when doing the weekly shop in Tescos.  Simple as peas.

The cream itself is thick and well, creamy.  It glides on the skin with light slightly citrus scent (Ed's just informed me that this is standard Garnier scent and even their hair wax smells the same...so anyone with a Garnier product should know what I mean).  I really like the scent and find it gives me a little wake up call in the mornings.  The night cream is denser than the day cream and is green instead of white.

I don't know how to describe how moisturising this actually is, all I can say is that I suffer with dry skin and on the whole this does its job well.  I do have some areas where I suffer from eczema which this doesn't provide enough moisture to, but for anyone with a normal-dry skin type I think this would work well.

But now onto my mini rant....
This cream ranges from £9.19 to £6.63 (although they're quite often on offer and I'm sure I paid even less) for the day cream and is a similar price for the night version.  In the picture above, on the left is the day cream in the old packaging and on the right is the new packaging for the night cream.

Now, I do love nice packaging but wouldn't pay extra for it to be fancy.  My bugbear is that the new packaging is horrible.  Gone is the sturdy, classy hard plastic/glass jar for a cheap, garish lightweight plastic alternative.  It's so light that I actually thought the product was missing from the box when I picked it up instore, then when I realised that there was in fact a jar inside, I questioned whether it was an empty, dummy product.  No, it's just that light.  Like I said, I wouldn't necessarily pay more for a glass jar but I'm not happy paying the same for a crappy plastic container!  At £9 I think this is on the pricey side of drugstore moisturisers, and I'm sure there's a good reason for the cutting down on packaging, but I think the price should be revised to reflect this!

I do apologise for what a rant this post has become, but who else is with me?!


Lacura Beauty Foundation

After reading Becky's thoughts on this foundation I eagerly rushed out to buy it.  I'm always on the lookout for a bargain, and at £3.49ish (I think) I was keen to give this a try.

There's limited shades available, but I found shade 10 'Transparent' to be a good match.  Normally the names given to foundation shades are a hint to the shade itself (porcelain, sand beige etc) and I have to say that transparent is not an accurate description of my skin tone.  This was the lightest shade available, and I'm around an NW20 so this foundation wouldn't be suitable for anybody with fairer skin than me.

This foundation gives good coverage with average staying power.  I'm sure I read on the box that it's fragrance free, although it does have a strong scent which could be from the ingredients such as shea butter that it contains.  Whilst applying I find the smell to be overpowering and slightly sickly, but this fades on application and thankfully is indetectable almost straight away.

For me, the good points about this foundation end here.  I happily used this for a few weeks and then my skin took a dreadful turn for the worse.  My eyes became incredibly dry (similar to when I had blepharitis) and I've had to bathe them twice a day with baby shampoo and apply Aveeno moisturiser liberally to try and get them back to normal.  Thankfully, after about 10 days they're nearly good as new.  Around my hair line my skin has got really dry, almost eczema-like patches which also have discolouration.  I also got dry, red bumps around the sides of my nose.  I'm over the worst of it now, but some days my whole forehead was so incredibly and unbearably itchy.  I can't say for 100% that it was this foundation, but nothing else in my skincare regime changed, and since I've stopped using the Lacura foundation my skin has begun to calm down again.

In all honesty I'm a little bit sad that this happened, after all who doesn't like finding a bargainous gem of a beauty product?  Maybe it's just me though, so I'd love to know if you've had a better experience with Lacura Beauty foundation.