Black & Yellow

- Skirt: Primark - Jumper: Matalan - Rings: asos (in gold) - Haircuff: H&M - Scarf: Ted Baker - Bag: Michael Kors -
I figured it's about time I finally got round to doing an outfit post.  I actually took these photos weeks ago, but when it came to posting them I had absolutely nothing to say!  I got this jumper from Matalan (which I haven't been to for years but was pleasantly surprised with); it's seriously soft and was an absolute bargain at £6.  Even at Primark you'd have been looking at double figures for it at least!

For those wondering, Operation Slimdown is going....ok.  I say ok, because I haven't actually hit any of my targets and lost any weight, but I have lost inches (3 off my hips and 1.5 off my waist) so I guess that's good?  I just need to get out of the mindset of counting lbs and calories because I know that's not all there is to it, and I can feel a massive difference in my fitness levels and in the exercise my body can actually take....it's just a bit disheartening to try so hard yet jump on the scales and see no difference.  And seeing as there's no change, my ultimate reward of a new tattoo might just have to be booked regardless, otherwise I'll never end up getting it!

It's a busy week ahead of work; end of term always is, and tomorrow we're holding a jubilee tea party for the children after school.  I'm really looking forward to it; some of the teachers are involved and doing things like a big game of cricket with the children, plus the local newspaper is coming down to take some pictures.  We've all worked hard and I feel really proud to see it all coming together....me and one little girl even wrote a letter inviting the Queen!  And of course, I've been thinking of the important stuff and painting my nails.....

What are your plans for the Jubilee?


Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

The Macadamia Healing Oil is doing the rounds on blogs and YouTube at the moment.  I do like it, but personally I think the Deep Repair Masque is the one to buy from that range.

Whenever I go to the hairdressers my sister uses this on my hair.  It smells amazing and leaves me hair so silky and soft.  The scent lingers for a few days, which I love.  There's nothing worse than a product that smells gorgeous but doesn't actually transfer or last!

Macadamia products are fairly expensive.  Luckily I can get them cheaper because of my sister's trade card, but they're still quite pricey.  If you can get your hands on one of these sachets in a local hairdressers it's definitely worth trying out; I can get two washes of my hair from this.  Once I've used it up I'll be asking my sister to get me a big pot! 


The Notebook(s)

Who doesn't love stationary? I have a real notebook fetish and can't resist buying once I've seen a cute one. Hence the need to find a use for each one....
My moleskine was the first in this collection, and so used to be used for everything. Now that I've expanded, this one is used mainly for my sketches. I've got the soft, large, ruled one which I love, although I do struggle using the left pages due to how soft it is. I bought this from The Book Depository
I got this one from TK Maxx and it's by a company called Live Canvas. Described as "a personal journal to record life as it happens", I love the fact that this has headings such as "I saw this and smiled...", "I'd love to pack my bags and go to..." and "something to dream of..." to act as prompts when recording thoughts.
I bought this notebook at the same time as my Life Canvas one because I fell in love with the sepia-toned colour scheme and couldn't decide between the two!  It says "write it down" on the front, so I use it to note down any blog ideas and make lists to help me keep track of posts.
Finally, perhaps my favourite notebook. I bought this in Selfridges on an impromptu shopping trip with Mum so it brings back fond memories. I love the aesthetics of this book, and it seemed fitting to fill it with any meaningful quotes that I come across. 

Do you have any special notebooks?


Birthday wishlist

I promise I'm not a spoilt brat; these are the things I've been thinking I would like for my birthday, but in all honesty it's been so hard to decide!  At first I was thinking I'd ask Ed for an McQueen scarf, but then I realised it's an insane amount of money, and even with my scarf obsession I'd probably never wear it because silk scarves just aren't my thing!  Then I was going to ask for money to put towards a new camera but I figured I never venture into exciting backdrops for photos, so what's the point in splashing out on a fancy camera just for taking photos in my bedroom?  Which leads me to this...my current wishlist!  (Emphasis on current...)

Perfumes rarely feature on my wishlists, but this Roberto Cavalli one smells divine.  The Core Collection is a blogger must have, yet for some reason I always find a reason not to invest.  It would make a perfect present though!  Keeping with the skincare/cosmetics theme, this toner would complete the set of Kaeso products that I have sitting in my bathroom and is really reasonably priced.

Yes, you can see two scarves there.  And yes, I am aware that I only have one neck but I just can't resist!  I'll have to check them both out in real life as I'm not too sure on snoods (although I love the cross pattern) and I'm just not sure whether I'll like the colours of the Zara scarf in the flesh.  Knowing me though I'll love them both!  The bag would be perfect for when I'm having a silver accessory day.  I have real issues with mixing metals, and all my bags (and most of the bags on the market at the moment) have gold hardware.  This ticks the silver hardware box and the studs/tacks one too!  

The Thomas Sabo bracelet has made its way to the top of my list.  I've always loved charm bracelets and was gutted when my LoveLinks one smashed.  My Mum has an old fashioned charm bracelet that Dad bought her which she said I can have, but I'd love to start one of my own.  It's really difficult to find this style really; the only ones I've found are Thomas Sabo or Links of London.  The Thomas Sabo bracelet is really reasonably priced, and I'll ask different people for each charm.  I love feathers, the hummingbird is super cute and the totem pole reminds me of something Ed would like so I'd love to have it to wear and think of him!

What do you think of my picks?



Another winner from the Glossybox!  I suffer with eczema on my hands and I'm really enjoying using this cream.  On my eczema-prone hand the fingers crack, swell and get red, but after a few days of using this I'm pleased to report that even my Mum commented that my hands were beginning to look like they match!  It smells good and feels good, without being too thick or too runny.  

I love everything about this product, from the super cute cardboard box it was packaged in (sadly Dudley got to this before I managed to take a photo), to the kitsch feel the brand has.  It's packed full of nutrients and their website sums it up so much better than I can, so take a look here!  The product was designed for nurses on the go, which means it also has a nice "hygienic" scent to it!

Is anybody else a hand cream junkie?


Spring Nails: Bluebell

Bluebell was the annual Nails Inc freebie from In Style magazine and I love it! A beautiful powder blue that really does remind me of the bluebells we've got in the woods at our school. 

For extra glossiness I used O.P.I Base Coat, Top Coat and Drip Dry (the perks of having a beauty student for a sister). The Drip Dry is awesome and really did make the nails dry so much faster and save any smudges.  You may notice a little chip on my nail; this is normal even with higher quality polishes, and something I put down to the desperate state of my nails.

Did anyone else take advantage of the In Style offer?  I'm tempted to hunt down the other two shades as well!


What I bought in Primark: 7/5/2012

~ Shopping in Primark can be frantic for even the most seasoned of shoppers. I'll be bringing these posts to you as a friendly guide, showing you what's in stores and when, to help you next time you shop ~
Black jeans - £11
You'd be forgiven if you didn't instantly realise that this picture is to show the jeans.  It was the only one I took and I only realised how shoddy it is when I came to upload.  Sorry!  Anyway, not much to say about these.  They're your regular skinny jeans, but are also super soft.  Bought to replace the pair that Dudley chewed the button off of. 
Mint green pumps - £4
I've been eyeing these up for a while but for some reason always forget to buy?!  I'm obsessed with all things mint, and I think they'll fix the problem of not wanting to wear black shoes with some of my lighter coloured jeans.  They're made of nice soft material, and at £4 they're Primark classics. 
Blue pumps - £6 
Another pair of shoes that I was obsessed with and frequently picked up, but their original price of £12 just seemed a bit too steep for Primark flats.  So when I saw they were half price I knew it was fate.  They're proper leather upper and come in a mustard colour and a maroon. 

These were all bought because I had to return a dress but due to losing the receipt could only exchange.  Word of warning, if you spot the leopard print asymmetric style maxi(ish) dress then try before you buy!  When I put it on at home I realised how garish the print looked against my skin, and the waist was far too bulky and just made me look square.  I also picked up a Zoella-style headband but alas my head is too big for it and I've come to the conclusion that I'm a little bit too old.  I'll be giving it to a friend's daughter instead.


Spring Nails: Turquoise

With the sight of sunshine in the air I've gone brighter with my nails this week. My polish of choice is a Jack Wills Ravensthorpe Nail Varnish in the shade Turquoise. I wouldn't say it's a true turquoise; perhaps a dusky, muted version, which leans more aqua in real life than the picture would suggest.  It's a beautiful colour nonetheless and unlike anything else in my collection.

What are you wearing this week?


Figs & Rouge Balm in Cherry & Vanilla

Those lovely people at Glossybox surprised me again!  I don't often post about these because (a) there are always so many reviews with far better photography than my efforts and (b) it's not often that I find products I'm really excited by in the box.

But this month was "green month" and I have to say it was my favourite box yet.  I received the Figs & Rouge Balm in Cherry & Vanilla flavour and it is amazing.   It smells delicious and feels divine.  Almost like a protective skin across my lips, but rather than being gross (like it sounds) this makes a welcome change from the slippery texture of my usual vaseline.

You can also use this on your face and body, although I'm not sure I'll be giving this a go.  Has anybody else used Figs & Rouge balms before?  The CocoVanilla one sounds delicious!

If you'd like to sign up for Glossybox, you can do so here.


Aztec Skirt

- Skirt: Bershka - Jumper: H&M - Jacket: Topshop - Necklace: H&M - Bracelets: Links of London -
Just a little something I threw on for a shopping trip to Bicester. I picked up this skirt last month in Westfield for the bargain price of £7.99! I'm loving shops like Bershka, Pull & Bear and Zara at the moment for their on-trend stock at really reasonable prices. 

Bicester was good as usual.  I got a Ted Baker scarf, some nail varnish and a water bottle for the gym from Jack Wills and another MAC Dazzlesphere from the CCO.  I did go with the intention of buying something for Ed's birthday but oops!  There were some really nice bags in Michael Kors that I could happily have spent a fortune buying in every colour and I fell in love with a Jimmy Choo cashmere scarf but really couldn't justify the pricetag.  I've got a feeling that decision will haunt me...

Not much else to report.  I currently feel like death with a cold that snuck up on me, and I'm pleased with my efforts at the gym.  I can feel my tattoo reward looming ever closer!  How are you all spending the Bank Holiday Weekend?


MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl

This is one of those products that's doing the rounds on blogs and YouTube at the moment, and as I'm never one to turn down a MAC hype I, predictably, went out and bought it.

Marketed as a multi-purpose product, I (like many) use this as a highlighter on the tops of my cheeks in a C-shape around my temples and on my brow bone.  I wouldn't call this holy grail, but it does give a pretty glow to the skin.  I find it can be tricky to avoid getting obvious finger marks rather than a subtle sheen.  Perhaps it's the way I apply it though, as many YouTubers manage to achieve gorgeous dewy skin and according to MAC it can be built to a "highly dramatic" finish!

In store, I was drawn to the shade Lunar but advised that Pearl was more flattering.  Looking online I think I'll try Hush next!  Would you recommend either of these?


Aussie Aussome Volume + Gloss Hairspray

Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Gloss Hairspray - received at an event
I'm not a massive fan of hairspray.  I went through that horrendous stage at school (arrr so long ago now!) where I plastered my hair in mousse and hairspray to get it stuck to my head, but since (thankfully) outgrowing that hairspray is something I've tended to overlook.  It's not an everyday essential, and I probably only use it on the odd occasion that I curl it.  I used the Fructis Bamboo hairspray most recently and while it did the job, I wasn't wowed by the results.

Aussie's Dual Personality hairspray is the bee's knees.  I still only use it when I've curled my hair but boy, does it hold the style.  For some reason my hair just won't hold curls and they drop out within about an hour giving the illusion that I've just been rained on.  With a spritz (liberal spray) of this, my style lasts all night.  And by all night, I do mean that the curls are still relatively defined after having been slept on.

As with all Aussie products it smells fab, and I honestly don't believe you can go wrong in buying one.

Has anyone else tried this?