17 Hide & Chic Eye Brightening Concealer

The Hide & Chic concealer is like a drugstore version of YSL Touche Eclait.  But obviously without the price tag.  Having never owned Touche Eclait, I can't comment on how it measures up quality-wise.

I love this concealer!  This is really creamy and liquid-y so blends in without dragging on the skin and can easily be built up. I wouldn't say it's my holy grail product which has finally succeeded in hiding my dark circles, but it easily matches the coverage and capability of my MAC Moisture Cover.

Hide & Chic is a great drugstore bargain if you don't want to shell out too much on a higher end concealer...I'll definitely be repurchasing, as it always seems to be on offer with Advantage Card points!


The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver is marketed as a radiance booster which can be worn alone or under make up.  I don't think I have particularly dull skin, but as it was half price and had glowing reviews I thought I'd give it a go.

This is a gel-like consistency which has a silicone-y feel on application.  I use this as a primer in the mornings and I think it's holding up alongside my Smashbox one in terms of prolonging the longevity of my foundation.  It's got an orangey fragrance, which I like and find to be a good pick me up in the Spring/Summer mornings, although anyone who doesn't like strong scents should probably steer clear.

The Vitamin C Skin Reviver isn't what I'd consider to be tinted.  It goes on clear, but has more of a cloudy look when pumped out ready to be used.  On closer inspection it has beautiful apricot-type shimmer to it, similar to Benefit's Moon Beam.

I probably would repurchase this product as it's cheaper than a lot of primers out there, but works just as well as others I've tried despite not actually being marketed for this purpose.  I can't comment on whether it brightened my skin, but when looking at the product I can see how it may work for others.  This was available free at my local Body Shop recently to anyone signing up in store for one of their reward cards (which only costs £5) so if you're interested then have a look, quick!


Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

This is by no means an unheard of product; but I thought I'd add my thoughts to a blogosphere already saturated with reviews of this foundation.

I purchased this on a whim; being too early for my train leaving Waterloo I found myself drawn to Boots and sucked in to the sales pitch I received at the teeny tiny Benefit counter there.  I was uber excited to try as I'd heard great things and absolutely loved the packaging.  I think it makes such a nice change from the kitsch Benefit style we're used to, it looks really fresh and modern, yet sleek at the same time.

Unfortunately, I don't love the product.  Like?  Yes, it's ok, but just not as amazing as I was led to believe.

I have dry skin, and whilst this doesn't exasperate it, it just doesn't seem to blend in as well as I'd hoped.  My skin just doesn't look like me.  The colour match seems good, so I'm not sure if this is oxidising slightly on my skin and leaving me looking a tad off after a few hours of wear.  It's also not particularly long-lasting on my skin.

Onto the good points; the packaging is a given, a little goes a long way with this product and the pump allows you to dispense as little or as much as you please, minimising waste.  I also like the way the white bottom of the bottle travels up as you use the foundation, meaning every last drop is utilised. 

Like I said, not a review of a brand new product, but perhaps a point of view that hasn't really been expressed before and so may be useful to someone with a similar skin type looking to buy this foundation.  I was expecting great things considering the 100% success-rate I'd read and wish I'd heard the other side of the story before I purchased.


Dove Intensive Repair Leave In Conditioner Spray

My hair, when wet, is a matted, tangled, absolute mess.  I can't get a brush through it and it honestly depresses me.  My only hope is to apply a leave-in spray to help, so when I ran out of my Aussie Miracle stuff I was in a serious flap.

When wandering around Tesco I spotted this on offer for a ridiculously cheap price and figured it was worth a try.  This stuff smells a-may-zing, like Refreshers and the tiniest bit really does help me to tame my unruly hair.

It says it helps prevent damage and split ends, but I think my hair is too far gone for me to comment on this.

This is such a short post, but there really isn't much else to say.  This isn't holy grail material, but for the time being I'm enjoying using it and probably will re-purchase.

Have you tried this, or any of the other sprays in the range?