St. Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet

Looking for a highlighter slightly different to the norm?  Look no further, for I think I've found it.

These Skin Illuminators aren't anything new (I remember reading about them last year on Laura's blog), but seeing as St. Tropez aren't known for their make up I've never gotten around to giving them a go.  Seeing that they were on offer at £8.99 in Superdrug I figured now was the time!

I picked up the shade violet, which as the name would suggest, is a gorgeous pearlescent, almost UV shade.  Sounds a bit scary, but actually looks gorgeous on the skin.  You get 50ml of product which will last a really long time as a little goes a long way and it's seriously pigmented.

Caution is needed when applying, to avoid looking like there are strobe lights permanently fixed on your face, but when done properly this looks gorgeous across the cheek bones.  This is a new favourite in my make up collection which has taken the place of my Pearl Cream Colour Base.

You'll find the Skin Illuminator down the tanning aisle....have you tried it yet? 


No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

I went through a blogger-induced stage of thinking that full coverage was the way forward, but thankfully before investing in any I remembered that my skin isn't actually that bad.  Suffering with dry skin, fuller coverage bases tend to turn slightly cakey on me, so I've been looking for lighter consistencies during the Summer months.

With a No7 voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to take my first steps into the BB cream world with the Beautiful Skin cream for Normal to Dry skin, which with my voucher was only £7.95.  First plus point would definitely be the choice of product for either dry or oily skin which is available here.

The No7 BB cream has SPF 15 which makes it perfect for using in the sunshine that I'm still hoping we'll see soon.  I bought it in Medium, which I find slightly too orange-toned for my skin.  I skip my bronzing powder when I use this cream and by the end of the day I'm feeling slightly worried that I look a tad tangoed.  Fair however was too light for me, so it seems shade choice is a downfall here.

It applies nicely and staying power is good, but to me it just feels a bit too heavy for a BB cream.  I prefer using tinted moisturiser in the Summer, and I was expecting a BB cream to be a similar consistency, but this feels slightly more like a foundation.

Overall this is a nice product, and could possibly work for someone whose skin doesn't have a tendancy to soak in make up by the end of the day.  But for me, I'd prefer to wear a foundation than a cream which on occasions has left me slightly patchy after a day's wear.


Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

You'll all know this product.  And like me, I bet you've all got some form of sea salt spray kicking around which promises to give you perfect Olsen-esque beachy waves.  None have succeeded, and after hearing one too many times that this is the best of the best, I decided to give it a go.

My hair hasn't been transformed.  £19.50 was a lot to spend, and however much I wanted to like this product, I can't say it's given me anything close to the beach goddess locks I was hoping for.  It does give me a fair amount of texture, but this is generally achieved after neglecting to brush my hair, rather than organically creating any of that messy bed-head hair.

In Bumble & Bumble's defence, my hair is annoyingly straight.  It's a mammoth effort to even coax a bit of shape into it (and no, air drying does not work), let alone a full head of sultry waves.

On the plus point, I ordered from the Bumble & Bumble website where there was an amazing deal to take advantage of.  I bought this, along with the Prep and got a free Styling Creme, free delivery and a choice of samples.  The website is a dream to navigate, and the freebies definitely sweeten the deal.  However, a bug bear would be the packaging.  The Surf Spray bottle is rubberised, so the cardboard stuffing that came in the box has left a dusty film over the bottle which for some reason really annoys me!

Overall I'm underwhelmed.  I was excited to branch out into Bumble & Bumble products and have my eye on a few others, but unfortunately the Surf Spray hasn't ended my quest for a holy grail salt spray.  Have you any others to recommend to me?


MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork

I've said it before, but Paint Pots were literally a revolutionary product for me.  Before my first purchase of my beloved Bare Study, my eyelids were an oily mess which refused to hold shadow on for any great length of time.  And by "great length" I mean pretty much a couple of hours.

Groundwork is my first foray into matte Paint Pots and for the time being it's outshining my all-time favourite Rubenesque.  This is a beautiful muted shade which provides the perfect nude Summer look.  Unlike my other Paint Pots I like to use this on my own, although it's also a great base for nearly all of the shades in my Naked palettes.

Not much else to say other than you need this!  You'll never be disappointed with a Paint Pot, and next on my list is Soft Ochre.  Which shade is your favourite?


Where have you been?

- Coco doing her make up - Stocking up on magazine freebies - Love this colour - Aussie goodness - Photographing - Sketching - Cute birthday pressie - I'm going to be an Aunt! - Tattoo times -

I've really been struggling to find the time to blog lately, and while instagram posts aren't really my thing, I thought I'd put this together to catch up and update you all on why I've been MIA.

I still love to blog, but life has gotten so hectic lately.  I'm here, there and everywhere fitting in work and my new exercise regime.....but you know what?  I really enjoy it.  Exercise has never been my thing, but attending Zumba classes and going to the gym has become part of my weekly routine and I love feeling just that bit healthier in myself.

I still love to blog, and of course I'm still reading all of my favourites.  Outfit posts are just a bit of an issue lately.  I wear clothes and have every intention of taking photographs but when it comes around to it at the end of the day I never seem to manage.  School finishes in three weeks, so hopefully I'll have more time then.  And no excuse!

So thank you for sticking with me, things should settle down soon and hopefully things will be back to normal here.

How have you all been?