Diary of a Spendaholic 05

Thomas Sabo £26.96 
I've been thinking all week about the blazer from my payday wishlist.  I didn't buy it months ago when I originally saw it, and when I checked online for it yesterday it had gone from £40 (originally reduced from £90) back up to £63....whyyyy?!  This has only made me want it more, so after work Ed and I headed to town in the hope that it wouldn't have been re-priced in store.  The nude version was still at £40, but the green colour was £90 again in store - is that even allowed?  Again, it wasn't in my size so we went to get the Thomas Sabo charm I'd had my eye on.  For some reason the fact that charms have a more sentimental value makes this purchase feel more special and I don't feel guilty about it.

Miss Selfridge - £42
The blazer was still playing on my mind, so I dragged Mum to our local, slightly old fashioned House of Fraser to see if they still had it for £40.  No....now they've got loads of stock of it, but all at £90.  I seriously debated it and walked around clutching it for a while, but some goodies in Miss Selfridge caught my eye instead and I put it back.  I bought a playsuit to wear for a friend's birthday and a new top.  There was 20% off and I had a £10 voucher with my Recognition Card if I spent over £50 so all in all I got both items for only £3 more than the playsuit on its own.

Boots - £8.48
Next - £28 
The £8.48 in Boots went on some eyelashes which I didn't even end up wearing and a make up remover....which is a necessity so doesn't count.  I wandered around the few shops at our local retail park and resisted a bag in Warehouse, then ended up in Next fully expecting not to buy anything.  Wrong.  I feel in love with a beautiful simple military-style khaki playsuit that's going to be great for Autumn.  And am I right in thinking £28 isn't too bad a price for Next?  There was a lovely coat rack in TK Maxx with silver stag horns that after walking around with I managed to say no to as well.  Maybe I should include things I was strong enough to refuse in here...in which case I made a saving of £70.99 today!

Argh now I think I need that bag from Warehouse!  I tried to lure my sister (along with her student card) back there with me but she said no.  I'm clinging onto the fact that this is obviously fate telling me it's not meant to be.

 Total for the week: £77.44 Oops.  But it was payday!  


Payday Wishlist

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
I know that having a list of things I feel I need to buy come payday doesn't sit well with my whole buy less plan, but in the back of my mind I'm telling myself that if I just buy all of this and get it out of my system then I won't feel the need to buy anything else for the rest of the month.  Yeah right.  As soon as I read about the latest must have on some blog or another my resolve will weaken and I'll be back out spending the money again.

- EDIT -
As I mentioned in my other post, I've scratched a few bits off this list.  Unfortunately, they were just as swiftly replaced with these:
1, 2, 3 
Yup, the blue leggings are gone in favour of the red which looked much nicer in person (and may have already been bought...) and the blazer is something I've had my eye on for months now.  My local House of Fraser doesn't have it in my size, so I may have to order it online at the same time I order the Thomas Sabo charm above! 


Ways I Wear: Topshop Skater Dress

Welcome to my latest series. I picked up this Topshop dress because it was a really decent price and seemed very versatile. So in keeping with my latest plans to save a bit of money, I thought I'd do something that I don't think I've ever done before. Wear the same item multiple times on here....but the twist is I'll be wearing it in multiple different ways.

For a fairly plain work outfit, I paired this dress with tights, khaki and gold accessories.  I went with my studded gold Primark pumps, rose gold watch and rose gold/coppery multi chain necklace.  I wore this olive/khaki cardigan from H&M last year indoors, and for outdoors I went with the blogger favourite - leather sleeve parka.  This is the River Island one, but I think it's sold out now.

How would you style this dress for casual workwear?


Urban Decay Dew Me

I'd put off buying this product for the longest time.  At first I thought I wanted the All Nighter spray, but after reading about this product I decided it was the one for me and added it to my mental "to buy" list.  But then I never actually got round to buying it for some reason.  Until the other day that is!

So what does the box say that got me hooked?

"Finally, the perfect antidote for drier and combination skin that holds makeup flawlessly for 16 hours......Makeup looks fresh through humidity, heat and high-paced activity, thanks to the Encapsulated Cooling Technology, which lowers the surface temperature of your makeup surface by 20 degrees!"

Now let me explain....I don't have a hot face by any means, but the promise of new-fangled, scientific-sounding technology really excited me and made me think I was buying something special.  Besides that, I do have dry skin and make up really doesn't last on me.

This setting spray has become holy grail.  I've spritzed it over both foundation and tinted moisturiser (separately obvs) and the results have been fantastic for each.  By late afternoon I still have virtually full coverage on my face, and I've never before seen so much foundation on a make up wipe at the end of the day.  And that speaks for itself.

Dew Me is quite pricey, but that price is still in keeping with the entire Urban Decay range.  You get 118ml (random amount) of product for your money, and I'm sure I'll be purchasing again.  In fact, I'd go as far as saying that this has helped to perfect my base and ended my quest for the perfect foundation.  Hurrah!


Diary of a Spendaholic 04

asos - £35
I had every intention of waiting until payday to make this purchase.  I've been wanting a khaki-coloured shirt for a fair few weeks now, and one on asos was the only one that ticked all the boxes for me.  £35 seemed a bit too pricey for me, but after failing to find one that I liked as much for a lower price I resigned myself to buying it.  Then, late at night, I went to have another look at it on asos.  Only to find that the size 10s were in low stock.  Well that was it.  I had to have it there and then.  And when it arrives it better be worth it... 

The H&M catalogue arrived the other day, and after a few afternoons flicking through it I'd managed to create a wishlist of £120+.  Autumn is an amazing month for H&M and their new Lana Del Ray campaign, along with the rest of their new arrivals, is to die for.  I've been good though and resisted the urge to buy anything.  Until next week when I've been paid and will go instore.  Or until I get an email through with a discount code or free delivery.  Whichever comes first.

H&M - £9.99
Primark - £5 
I needed to go shopping to pick up a birthday present, so after compiling a Payday Wishlist (to be published next week) I just had to go into H&M to see if the pieces which caught my eye were in fact worthy of being on a wishlist.  Good news, some of them weren't (as well as a pair of shoes from Office) so in fact I've managed to save myself a virtual £60+.  Not so good news, the pair of leggings sitting on my wishlist were every bit as gorgeous in real life and they accidentally ended up making their way to the till with me.  Amongst other necessary bits and pieces for at home (which by the way, I SWEAR is where the majority of my money goes despite being inexpensive on their own), I finally caved and got one of Primark's answer to That McQueen scarf.  I got a lovely grey colour with soft pink skulls, and my only defence is that it matched my outfit for today.

Total for the week: £49.99 which is worse than last week, but not too bad I think!  I'm also clinging to the fact that I've saved myself by mentally crossing some things off my wishlist for payday, so hopefully I'll be spending even less next week! 


New space

Ages ago I did a post about our library room and since my old computer stopped functioning without being plugged in to the wall at all times (this was before it broke for good), Ed and I decided to make use of the space by getting a desk and turning it into an office area.

We got the table last week in Ikea for a bargain £30, after deciding that the more expensive desks were in fact much too small.  I also picked up some candles to pretty it up a bit, and I love that I now have a place to keep some of my notepads and picture frame.  The cushion was an impulse buy from Primark, and on the way home I realised that I had nowhere to put it, seeing as we have a leather sofa that doesn't need cushions.  The typewriter print on it is perfect for any blogger, so when Ed brought this chair home I put it on it straight away!  It gives a more girly, vintage touch to an otherwise masculine chair.

Since Dudley adopted my white chair for himself (as evidenced above) I hadn't really been able to use this room.  I'm so glad that I've now got a space to sit properly and work.  It makes writing on the laptop so much easier, and means I get to spend time sitting with Ed playing on his PS3 at the same time as blogging.  Win win really!

Where do you blog from?


Diary of a Spendaholic 03

Tesco - £6.50
I was feeling sorry for myself so went and splurged in Tesco.  I say splurged, it wasn't really, just felt like a fair bit of money on nothing.  The total was £18, but only £6.50 was actually on treats; a chocolate lip butter and the Company High Street Edit.  I love that magazine, and it sounds so much better if I refer to it as 'literature'...which leads me to ask the question - is literature an ok purchase in part of the buy less plan?

H&M - £17.97
Superdrug - £3
Primark - £26
Debenhams - £14.85
Total: £61.82
I popped in to town for ribbon this morning and while trying to find something to wear, decided I needed to go to H&M to pick up some of their basic tees.  I got two, and a hat as well.  Again, I don't feel too guilty about shopping in H&M because it has such great prices and these t-shirts are perfect for work.
I also managed to save some money for once.  After seeing a No7 lipstick in TheHappyWallflower's video I headed to Boots to track it down.  I found the lipstick, but something stopped me from buying.  So instead, I went to Superdrug and got three for £3 from MUA.
On my way out, as frequently does happen, I got drawn to Primark.  I ended up buying a jacket that I really didn't need, and ended up with serious buyer's remorse while sat in traffic on the way home.  It's going back, along with the boots I bought last week.
Finally, blaming TheHappyWallflower again, she said the words every blogger wants to hear....."free P&P and 10% off MAC at Debenhams.com."  I had no excuse but to get a new eyeshadow...

Primark -  -£43
I'm not sure if this counts, because in the long run it's actually a saving?!  Yesterday I spotted a playsuit I'd purchased two weeks ago down from £15 to £5 in Primark.  I wasn't pleased, and even more annoyed to spot that the playsuit actually came with a belt that was missing from my one sitting at home.  When I got home I noticed that mine still had all the tags in, and while I wouldn't normally do this, the fact that I'd purchased an incomplete item and hadn't even worn it, I decided to dig out the receipt and return it, buying it at the cheaper price.  I probably wouldn't have bothered doing this if I wasn't already returning the jacket and boots, but it worked out that I had £48 to go back onto my card.  £48 in two weeks and that wasn't even all of my purchase just goes to show how easy it is to rack up spendings in Primark and will serve as a reminder to me to be more careful with what I purchase in future.

Total for the week: £25.32, which is pretty good going for me!  I think I'll include a total at the end of each week because a) it reminds me of 2 Broke Girls and b) it'll either shock me or make me feel proud of myself and spur me on to spend less next week!


KG by Kurt Geiger Lexi

I saw these a couple of weeks ago and fell in love.  Beige, gold studding, wedge heel...everything is perfect.

It's safe to say my wedge trainer obsession is continuing.  I was dubious about the trend at first, but I've become a fully fledged member of the pro-wedge team.  I love the way they elongate the leg, add a bit of sports-luxe to an outfit and the fact that they're crazy comfy.  I wore these for a day trawling around Ikea and whilst I would have been hobbling after a while in any other wedges or boots, for some reason these don't hurt at all.

These trainers have gone up in price by £20 since I purchased them, and are now retailing on Kurt Geiger's website at £120 although John Lewis are still listing them at £100.



Sad news guys...my laptop broke, and I'm sure that as a blogger, I'm not alone in calling this (nor am I overreacting) a disaster. See the sympathy in Dudley's eyes?

I'm now back to using my old laptop. And the memories of why I stopped using this are coming flooding back to me....the friction burn I get on the inside of my wrists when typing, the fact that this computer has no memory card reader, the way it doesn't open programmes when I ask it to, the way it decides to ignore what I type in blogger and format things strangely. And finally, most annoying (and what has just happened, as if the laptop knew I was typing smack about it), the way it just turns itself off.  And if I don't comment on other blogs as regularly, it's because for some bizarre reason it won't load the comment box.  I refreshed the page countless times earlier in an attempt to comment but no luck.

So please bear with me.  If my posts look strange and are formatted in a weird way, it's not my fault!  I'll try my best to rectify, but do forgive me if things all look a bit amateur on the occasion that I haven't realised the mistake in time.

And for the time being, things will be taking more of a lifestyle-y turn on here.  This is something I've been wanting to do anyway, but with all my pennies now firmly in the Computer Fund jar, there'll certainly be less shiny new things to be showing off on here.  Ah well, it'll help out my Buying Less attempt in the long run!  


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Capri

Yes, I'm shockingly late to the party with regards to this perfume.  I sprayed it the other week thinking it was the original Bronze Goddess.....which I heard about with the word "coconutty" describing it.  Anything coconut-scented and I'm sold, but somehow I managed to test out the wrong one.

That said, I'm so glad I did.  When I went back to purchase this, the MUA sprayed the other Bronze Goddess for me, and yes, it was definitely coconutty...but also quite heavy and didn't really smell of much else.  This however is much lighter and smells amazing.  She described it as a citrus scent, but I don't know if I agree.  As I said before, I'm no perfume buff, but when somebody says citrus I think of oranges, lemons and limes.  This smells like none of those.  It's incredibly sweet and vanilla-ry, and the best way I can describe it is to say it's like Lush's American Cream Conditioner in a perfume.

This has become one of my ultimate favourite scents (along with MAC's now-discontinued MV3, sob!) and lasts so long on the skin.  I'd never considered Estee Lauder for perfume, but for £40 you get a whopping 100ml.  This was limited edition though, and wasn't actually on display when I went to buy it.  You might get lucky though, so hurry down to your nearest counter (I believe it was exclusive to House of Fraser?) and ask for it!


H&M Riding Pants

- Shirt: H&M - Pants: H&M - Necklace: Accessorize -
So these are the H&M pants I mentioned the other day, which I bought right in the middle of my attempts to stop buying as much.  Although I think you'll agree from the quality of them, that a purchase was a must and actually it was ok to bend the rules slightly.  For £7.99 these are amazing.  Really thick fabric which makes them leggings that it's ok to show your bum in (I even went as far as adding an embarrassingly close close-up of my derriere above to show off the zip detail on the back), nice thick pleather detailing and the selling point for me was that they're extremely tight, so suck in all manner of lumps and bumps!

It's been a long while since my proper outfit post.  I've been thinking about taking another direction with Scaredtoast, so there'll be more of a mix up of posts and while I'll still be doing outfit posts when I think what I'm wearing warrants it, there'll definitely be some posts that weren't the norm for me before.  But there's a bit more on that in an update post to come later in the week.

Oh, and I also need to clear something else up.  I got a email from the lovely Amy who sent me the Nail Art nail tattoos.  I'd mentioned in my post that I struggled with the application, and thought that the way to do it was to press the nail down onto the design as a transfer.  Turns out the way I'd read the instructions originally was correct - you paint your nails, peel off the sticker from the backing paper and then stick it down.  I'm not sure why I struggled with this, perhaps the sticker I was trying to use was a bit more stuck down than the others.  Either way, I'm happy to have found an alternative method of applying them incase I ever have this trouble again!

So what else can I tell you?  I'm back into the swing of things at work, and can't wait for October/November so I can start wearing cosy scarves and boots.  And I'm seriously debating getting another tattoo too.  Come to think of it, I never really showcased my latest one on here, would anyone want to see it?  I know I'm so nosy when it comes to other people's tattoos!


Diary of a Spendaholic 02

Topshop - £11
H&M - £19.97
Primark - £12
Superdrug - £5.99
eBay - £22.99
Total: £71.95
I woke up with the irrepressible urge to track down the H&M bowler hat that I've sen on so many blogs.  found it...didn't buy it.  It looked ridiculous on me, and instead I spotted a pair of really good quality leggings/riding pants for the same price.  So good that I bought them in two colours.  And a hat.  But all for under £20, which is definitely not a confession to be ashamed of.  It's actually very sensible shopping, if you ask me.
Besides that, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which was on offer and I've been dying to try it.    Then, I did get carried away with an impulse buy of a new pair of studded shoes from Primark.  On the one hand I've got stacks of rarely-worn Primark pumps; on the other, you can never have too many black pairs of shoes.
I accidentally went back to town after lunch and accidentally bought Topshop's offering of less shiny Disco Pant dupes.  I feel bad, but I was owed money so they evened out at an ok £11 rather than £18.  But finally, because I can't stand to miss out, I made a late night eBay order of a Moschino belt.  I'm so weak.

Tesco - £5.99
I bought another Revlon Kissable Balm Stain.  And the only reason I bought this was because I needed to go to Tesco, and their swish refurbished beauty counter sucked me in.  I panic-bought, as this has returned to full price in Boots and Superdrug, and while I'm not sure this was essential, it is a gorgeous colour.  Perfect for AW, and not as hard to wear as other, similar lipstick versions.

Missguided - £28.95
Ikea - £31
Total: £59.95
Ok, so the Missguided purchase was another impulse buy.  I've been wanting a denim jacket with leather-look sleeves for a while now, and when I spotted one on Missguided for under £30 I bought it straight away.  I'm actually not feeling too guilty about this, because I'm a great believer in never having too many coats, and this one looks really really nice.
Ikea was a planned trip, to get a new desk.  Me and Ed were going to split the price and it would be about £30 each.  Instead we managed to get a really big, nice quality table for only £30 in total!  I bought the table top for £20, he bought the legs.  I also picked up some candles to pretty up the desk, and a few bits for my sister's baby shower that I'm in charge of.

Primark - £13
River Island - £35
Total: £48
We went into town for the sole purpose of Ed getting some chinos.  While in Primark I picked up some nude pumps with a rose gold tip and then a pair of leopard print boots.  I told myself this was ok, because I wasn't going to look anywhere else, then I fell in love with a blazer in River Island.  It definitely wasn't a necessary buy, and in all honesty I think I got swept up in the excitement of finding something nice for an ok price in amongst River Island's extortionate offerings.  Cue buyer's remorse, and I'm thinking of returning the shoes next week.  The leopard print boots I can definitely live without, but rose gold detailing is my Achilles heel.... 

Ok, so this spending diary turned out to be much longer than I anticipated.  Is anyone actually interested in reading these if I do another update post in this format again?  I wouldn't expect the next one to be so long, it's only because I had an extra day off work and went shopping!  Let me know what you think, and let me know how you got on this week if you're trying to #buylesswearmore!


Nail Art Nail Tattoos

I love nail art, but I'm not the most patient nor the most steady-handed person so when the chance to have a go with these nail stickers arose I happily stepped forward.

Inspired by tattoo designs, you get 60 stickers in a pack to use either as a full set or just as accent nails.  They're good quality; I've had them on for a few days now with no chipping/breakage.  I did find that one of the stickers lifted slightly when I tried my hair after application, I'm not sure if the heat caused it, but another layer of top coat put a stop to this.

While I do think these are great, I do have an issue with the instructions on the back of the pack.  The wording led me to believe that these (like similar products I've tried) were stickers to be unpeeled from the sheet and applied to my nail.  In actual fact these are like transfers; while trying to peel off a design I accidentally pressed my nail against one of the other designs and voila! Ended up with a star stuck on my ring finger.  I'm not complaining, I quite like the way it looks.  I also think this is a novel way to apply these nail tattoos, as it avoids my shaking hands having to apply anything too accurately.  On the other hand, you can't see exactly where the tattoo is going because you have to more or less press your nail down and hope it's in the right place.  Additionally, I could just have been being completely dense with my mix up; I read the instructions to Ed who agreed with me, but Mum and someone else at work accused me of overcomplicating things and said they understood the instructions perfectly.  Ah well, if anyone buys these after reading this they'll know what to do!

I can't wait to try out the Fly Away Home design.  I was desperate to apply my new Essie polish so didn't use the birds this time because I think they'll suit a more whimsical, powder blue background so much more.

You can get these nail tattoos, as well as temporary tattoos from skinartuk.


Armani Code Luna

I am by no means a perfume buff - I have a nose, I can smell, and when it comes to perfume I buy the smells I like.  If you're expecting an in depth review, encompassing all of the different notes within this fragrance then I'm really sorry, but you've come to the wrong place.  If, however, you would like to read a very comprehensive (and only slightly confusing) description of this perfume then click here.

And now for my review.  At first spritz this smells virtually the same as the original Armani Code.  It's slightly lighter and has a sweeter, vanilla scent.  But here was the deal breaker for me - when I shoved my wrist under Mum's nose for a sniff she announced that I "smell like chocolate".  Did I need any more persuading?  No, so I hastily added this to my wishlist for when Mum went away on a cruise and hit the duty free counters.

I feel I need to state the obvious and say that perfume does not smell the same on everyone due to different hormones etc.  So while on me this smells chocolatey, it may not do the same for you.  Will you be testing this out next time you're near a perfume counter?


Tribeca Shoes - Maria High Top Wedges

I spent ages trawling eBay trying to find the perfect pair of wedge trainers.  They were either too shiny which made me question the quality and finish, or the more Marant-style ones looked too clumpy and made me worry they'd end up like Uggs.  I was reluctant to order from China, wait a month for them to arrival only to find that they didn't look right, and have to go through the hassle (and perhaps inability) to send them back.  So when I spotted these on Tribeca Shoes with the promise of 15% off I was sold.

Tribeca Shoes are doing the rounds on blogs and YouTube lately, and I have to say I'm very impressed with the service.  I tweeted excitedly after placing my order and they replied (great use of social media) straight away, then the shoes arrived within two days.  I was however told I'd receive an email to say when the shoes were shipped, which I didn't, and it still says my order is being processed on the "My Account" section of Tribeca's website.  This didn't really make any difference to me, as they arrived so quickly, but perhaps this would be an issue if there were to be a problem with an order.

These cost me just £25.50 with the introductory 15% discount which I think was a complete bargain.  They're great quality, comfy and nicely slim.  Quite a few wedge trainers that I've seen are slightly too bulky, but these are the perfect style for me.

Have you ordered anything from Tribeca Shoes before?  Their prices are so reasonable, I'm sure I'll be making another purchase in the future.


Diary of a Spendaholic 01

After pledging that I would stop spending my money like it's going out of fashion, the proof is kind of in the pudding right?  So, how did I get on in the few days following my promise?

Friday was payday, and I'd had my eye on a few treats which I duly headed out to buy.  These were; a pair of expensive shoes, perfume and a skirt from River Island.  I also remembered that I'd been wanting to try a Dew Me from Urban Decay so added that to my list as well.  For the first time in my life, I OPENED A STORE CARD.  Now before you all call me crazy, I got 10% off the shoes, perfume and spray which meant I saved myself around £16 and actually helped fund my one impulse buy - this skirt.  Overall, not a bad trip I'd say.  I fully intend to take the money for my store card out of my bank and put it to one side so that the 10% isn't cancelled out by interest caused by late repayment.

Now this is where things get a bit icky.  My sister has just returned from holiday and is going through a break up, so needed a bit of retail therapy.  Out I trotted to the shops today, and this time I fell foul of the impulse purchase.  I spent £49 in Primark (some essentials, some 'wants'), then bought yet another notepad that I didn't really need from the funky new stationary shop in town.  I did however manage to resist adding yet another scarf to my collection.  But the thing I'm most ashamed of?  I cracked and bought that slightly overpriced blogger favourite - Essie Mint Candy Apple.  And why am I ashamed?  Because it goes against every habit I wanted to kick when embarking on #buylesswearmore - I bought it because so many other people have it and I hate to miss out.  Yes it's a beautiful shade, but no, I didn't really need it.  I'll just have to wear it to death and get my money's worth.

Was anyone else hoping to spend less this week?  How did you get on?