Payday Wishlist: April

As you all probably know (I bang on about it enough!), I've been really trying not to spend money on any little treats until the end of the month.  I'm a glutton for punishment though, and clearly love to make it as difficult as possible by torturing myself looking online for things that I really really really wish I could buy.

I'm craving a really nice pair of tapered trousers in my wardrobe, and having skinny little ankles underneath considerably larger thighs means it can be tricky getting the proportions right.  These trousers have ruched ankles though which I think could work in my favour.  And they're such a classic style, I think it'd be a crime not to buy them.

Speaking of classic styles, I love the simplicity yet twist on this simple messenger bag.  I spotted this a couple of weeks ago whilst browsing online for a new bag, and suddenly mid-month it's popped back into my consciousness and is making me think I need it.  The question is, whether to go classic with black or quirky with pink?  Although at £19.99 I don't think buying both would be that bad.

I think these sandals would look awesome with the trousers and love the flash of colour at the back.  The patterned shoes are lovely as well, and I'm a big fan of the slipper-style.  Zara flats can be a little too hard on my delicate feet though, so these would need testing in store before committing to buying them.

I'm loving chunky necklaces and think these simple beaded ones work really well against an otherwise simple outfit.  I don't think £10 is too bad a price either.  They also had a nice coral one which caught my eye as well.

And finally, the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning has made a reappearance.  I read a couple of reviews which didn't rate it for its tanning properties but said it was a good primer.  £18 for a decent primer which may or may not give my face some colour I think is a pretty good deal.  As soon as my Smashbox primer runs out I'll be giving this a go.

Now for the confession:
I made this post a couple of weeks ago in the midst of a Saturday online window shopping spree.  Since then, I have actually bought the pink bag and trousers.  As well as other things that didn't even make it onto this "definitive" list.  Yes, the spending ban clearly went out the window.  But as I said, I actually saved 25% off the trousers by using money sat in the bank rather than waiting till payday and Ed gave me some money towards a Zara purchase so technically the bag was free.

I don't think this list is too excessive though!  When I originally drafted this post I did say that I thought I was only likely to buy the trousers, one (ok, maybe both) of the bags and very possibly the necklace.  So having bought the trousers and one bag, maybe we can keep our fingers crossed that that's me done for the month?!


  1. I love the bag! I think you should go for the pink! it's such a nice colour!

  2. Oh my god I need those trousers in my life! I really like the bags too.
    Ahh I get paid tomorrow so definitely gonna treat myself :)

    I have written my first ever DIY post if you want a look!


    1. I'll have a look, thanks for commenting! x

  3. I LOVE slipper style shoes, and genuinely might have to buy those. I'm not on a spending ban, but on a budgeting one- so far it isn't going well. You have more willpower than I do!!! x

    1. I love slipper shoes, but just not sure if they look too slipper-y on me?! x

  4. Those trousers are fab and I love the pink bag!

    Maria xxx

    1. Haha both of the things I ended up getting! x


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