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On the face of it, I'm aware that this looks like the most bright and borderline-tacky selection I've made.  But wait!  Before you shut down this page, let me talk you through my picks...

So my love of that acid limey/yellowy/can'tquiteputmyfingeronit colour is well documented.  So when I spotted this shirt and dress I couldn't help but put them into my virtual basket.  I love the back detail on the shirt, and whilst I'm not sure I'd ever have the confidence to wear the dress I do think it could be dressed down or incorporated into an outfit to make it a bit more wearable.  Oh, and I also think it would look bangin' with a tan!  (Yes, I'm afraid I did just say that).  You'll notice that there's also touches of yellow in the playsuit, and I'm loving anything Aztec at the moment.  The Wildfox-esque jumper is pretty self-explanatory.  I love this style of knitwear.  I also love the more sophisticated dress, which I think has a really nice jungle-y vibe which will look great in Summer.  And finally....That Jacket.  No, I haven't lost my marbles.  The photo represents the blazer on its own, it's just unfortunate that the website paired it with the trousers and bralet.  I don't want to dress in head to toe leopard print, but I do however think there's space for yet another statement blazer in my wardrobe.

I hadn't heard of this website before, but actually they have some great designer women's clothing; some of the items I chose are from House of Dereon and L.A.M.B, and they also stock Minkpink, Evil Twin, AX Paris and TFNC.  And for all you TOWIE fans out there, they have ranges by Amy Childs, Jessica Wright, Lydia Rose Bright as well as the Lauren's Way tan and lashes.

In my opinion, the website and models don't showcase the clothes as well as they could, and at first this can feel a little off putting.  But if you're willing to have a real look through (or know which particular designer you're after) then there are some real gems to be had.  The prices are pretty good too!

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  1. Bangin' is a great adjective haha. Also, love the first playsuit! x


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