14 things I'm looking forward to in February

1. Having money again! Albeit briefly... 
2.  The #lblogger's Brunch in Guildford.
3.  Spending time with my niece, Ella.
4.  Buying a new pair of shoes.
5.  Celebrating our 4 year anniversary.
6.  Having a day trip to London with my bestie.
7.  Perhaps seeing some of my work down the gym begin to pay off?
8.  Half term.
9.  Possibly (probably) getting a new tattoo.
10.  The days getting warmer - please!
11.  The fact that it's only a 4 week month.
12.  Being able to wear lighter and brighter clothes.
13...ditto for nail varnish and lipstick.
14.  Celebrating my big sister's 30th.

And as for January... 1, 2, 4, 7 (showers instead of baths), 9, 12 and 14 all happened.  3 and 11 have rolled on to this month!


Pacifica Soy Candle in Island Vanilla

You may have noticed, but candles are really becoming my thang.  So when I was offered the chance to review one of the Pacifica range I jumped at the chance.

I chose the fragrance Island Vanilla because, well, I'm a vanilla fiend (although UberFacts did go someway towards putting me off!) and I say you can never have too many vanilla candles.  This one doesn't smell as sweet as my other offerings and is a welcome change with it's slightly cleaner and more grown up take on vanilla.

Besides the smell, this candle is a real statement on my desk or bookshelves with it's vibrant pink hue zinging (is that a word?) out against the all-white background.  It also burns with a really big, orange tipped flame.  Not sure if anyone else is bothered by this, but I hate lighting a candle only to find the flame is miniscule.

As far as I'm aware, I've never had a soy candle before, and I'm lead to believe they're much better than plain old wax.  Apparently they burn cleaner as well as slower and cooler.

All in all, I'm really impressed with this candle.  I've been having a nosy online and all of Pacifica's other offerings are just as beautifully packaged....I want to get my hands on the Mexican Cocoa and Mediterranean Fig ones next!  If you like the look of these, you can buy one from Himalaya-uk.com.


The rose gold glittery manicure

Rose gold nails are something I've been after for quite some time. There is an abundance of gold polishes out there on the market, but rose gold surprisingly is not that readily available.  Anything that looks remotely rose gold-ish often turns out to be much more of a pink than anything else.  But, I have found a solution.  And perhaps most surprising is that I found this in Tesco.  And for under £5.

I started with a coat of OPI Nail Envy.  I love this stuff.  It's made my nails so much stronger and stopped them peeling and flaking.  Removing glitter nail varnish is a b****, so applying a base coat should (in theory) help ease this problem a little.  Next up I used Nails Inc Caramel which was one of their Diet Coke releases.  I was actually desperate to try this glitter and put it over a nude grey at first which also looked great, but I figured something more similar in tone would help to really achieve that rose gold look.  Next I applied 2 coats of the pièce de résistance...Molten Copper by Accessorize.  This is a really glittery polish that applies pretty much as glittery as it looks in the bottle.  Not like the ones you get that turn out to be 10% glitter, 90% clear polish.  As glitter polish has a tendancy to feel quite gritty, I finished with another coat of Nail Envy just to smooth down any rough edges.

And there we have it!  I have another rose gold nail varnish on its way to me in the post, but I'm liking this glittery alternative.  What do you think?  


Elizabeth Arden Bargains

More sale shopping! I spotted these beauties when on a recent shopping trip to Guildford with Lizzie.  Until now I've never bought anything from Elizabeth Arden, nor do I think I've ever managed to bag higher end make up in the sales. 

For starters I picked up this lipgloss in Sparkling Ruby 02.  We'd been looking in MAC and nothing had really wowed me enough to purchase.  Our first reaction when we spotted this was that it was very like MAC's Cranberry in a gloss.  I wouldn't say it's ruby like the name suggests, more of a burnt pinky red.  This does however translate more red on the lips.  I've yet to wear it out (too busy playing with all my other make up), but when I did try it on the lips it felt nice and thin and not too sticky.

Lizzie picked up a lovely pink blush, but as usual I was drawn to this more peachy shade - Peach Sorbet 07.  It's not dissimilar to other blushes I own; reminds me of Topshop's Head over Heels in a powder form and is reminiscent of their Whimsical lipstick, but a girl can never have too many peach blushes.  This is perfect for an almost contoured look, rather than an obvious pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks.

Now here comes the best bit.  The lipgloss and blusher were originally priced at £15 and £24 respectively, but I managed to get both of these for just £19.

Have you found any high end bargains recently?  What do you think of these two?


Christmas Sale Shopping

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts - £1.25/63p each (yes, I went slightly nuts for these...)
Christmas decorations - Next - £3
Canvas - Next - £20 (not in sale)
Postcard - Paperchase - 60p (not in sale)
Kindle case - M&S - £12
Bedding - Primark - £10
Socks - M&S - £5
Necklace - Topshop - £1
Shirt - Primark - £5
Coat - River Island - £40
Studded boots - Primark - £7
Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous body was - Boots - £6.50 (3 for 2)

Aaaand this would be the reason my Diary of a Spendaholic post was absent last week.  I suppose you could add up what I spent (please don't tell me!) but the sad part is I wasted more money on little extra bits as well.  Looking at all this is enough to make me stop though.  Ho hum, it's Christmas.  And Christmas was made for spending, right?