Diary of Spendaholic 28

Mango -  £8.99
Boots - £21ish
After 2 days off work with a sickness bug, I ventured to the shops to collect the Zara order that I made last week.  I must have been delirious still, because I spent a good hour or so wandering about aimlessly looking for things to spend money that I don't have on.  I think I was actually rather quite good, considering that the Mango spend was on something I'd had my eye on anyway and was the only real naughty purchase.  The small fortune in Boots (why is it so easy to do?) went on medicine, dry shampoo, a sandwich and a new mascara which was very much needed.
I came home and spent another 45 minutes fiddling around with discount codes on H&M, trying to save money on things I don't really need.  I eventually came to my senses and realised that I could save the grand total of my entire order if I just didn't submit it!
Another reason for my sudden frugality is that my credit card statement is in (and it's an ouch-y), so payday tomorrow has to be the start of a much more sensible month of spending.

Ok, so I read the paper version of my credit card statement rather than the online one and it wasn't that bad.  The cut-off date is earlier than I thought, so a couple of purchase I made don't actually have to be paid for until next month.  Which is nice.  I'm richer than I thought!

H&M - £6.99
Primark - £20
Boots - £11.22
So the first day of the holiday period calls for a shopping trip with Mum.  I was willing to spend up to £15ish on a chunky statement necklace, and managed to find one in H&M for only £6.99!  It's not my dream one, but very similar to one I tried in Mango for £23.
The Primark splurge I 100% don't feel guilty about.  Two pairs of shoes and a dress for £20 should be applauded!  And in Boots I picked up more of my favourite texturising spray on 3 for 2.  It wasn't necessary at the time, but I figure it'll save me money in the long run!

Total for the week: £68.20 Not that bad for payday week, and also (as I always think) pretty good when you consider how much I got!


14 things I'm looking forward to in April

1.  Going to London to see the eggs.
2.  15 days of lie-ins.
3.  Spending time with family.
4.  A girlie night out.
5.  Getting my hurr did.
6.  Going to see Oz the Great and Powerful.
7.  Maybe there being a bit of sunshine?!
8.  Making plans for another tattoo.
9.  Getting underway with a new challenge at the gym.
10.  Going to Ikea.
11.  An old school friend's birthday.
12.  Baking more.
13.  The opportunity to start wearing all the new clothes I've been buying.
14.  Visiting & Other Stories.

And as for last month....1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14 happened.  The weather put a stop to 3 and 4, and I haven't gotten around to 12 yet!


Payday Wishlist: April

As you all probably know (I bang on about it enough!), I've been really trying not to spend money on any little treats until the end of the month.  I'm a glutton for punishment though, and clearly love to make it as difficult as possible by torturing myself looking online for things that I really really really wish I could buy.

I'm craving a really nice pair of tapered trousers in my wardrobe, and having skinny little ankles underneath considerably larger thighs means it can be tricky getting the proportions right.  These trousers have ruched ankles though which I think could work in my favour.  And they're such a classic style, I think it'd be a crime not to buy them.

Speaking of classic styles, I love the simplicity yet twist on this simple messenger bag.  I spotted this a couple of weeks ago whilst browsing online for a new bag, and suddenly mid-month it's popped back into my consciousness and is making me think I need it.  The question is, whether to go classic with black or quirky with pink?  Although at £19.99 I don't think buying both would be that bad.

I think these sandals would look awesome with the trousers and love the flash of colour at the back.  The patterned shoes are lovely as well, and I'm a big fan of the slipper-style.  Zara flats can be a little too hard on my delicate feet though, so these would need testing in store before committing to buying them.

I'm loving chunky necklaces and think these simple beaded ones work really well against an otherwise simple outfit.  I don't think £10 is too bad a price either.  They also had a nice coral one which caught my eye as well.

And finally, the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning has made a reappearance.  I read a couple of reviews which didn't rate it for its tanning properties but said it was a good primer.  £18 for a decent primer which may or may not give my face some colour I think is a pretty good deal.  As soon as my Smashbox primer runs out I'll be giving this a go.

Now for the confession:
I made this post a couple of weeks ago in the midst of a Saturday online window shopping spree.  Since then, I have actually bought the pink bag and trousers.  As well as other things that didn't even make it onto this "definitive" list.  Yes, the spending ban clearly went out the window.  But as I said, I actually saved 25% off the trousers by using money sat in the bank rather than waiting till payday and Ed gave me some money towards a Zara purchase so technically the bag was free.

I don't think this list is too excessive though!  When I originally drafted this post I did say that I thought I was only likely to buy the trousers, one (ok, maybe both) of the bags and very possibly the necklace.  So having bought the trousers and one bag, maybe we can keep our fingers crossed that that's me done for the month?!


New Things: Zara Lime Green Mini Bowling Bag

These photos don't really capture the true colour of this bag. But now that it comes to describing it to you, I can't quite put my finger on what's different.  In real life, this is a bit more limey but the eternal question is what colour it actually is.  Is it yellow?  Is it green?  I just like to refer to this as "that slightly yucky colour that I can't stop buying stuff in." 

Yucky as it may be in some people's eyes, I love this bag for its ability to brighten up, as well as jazz up, an otherwise boring all black err'thang outfit.  It's a lovely little size, and though at first the longer handle seemed an awkward length, it's actually quite a good "rest your arm on me" kinda length.

I've just realised that I didn't formally introduce you.  This is the Zara Mini Bowling Bag With Zips, priced at £39.99, so that in between-y price that really makes me consider whether or not I should buy it.  Especially when it's a purely indulgent purchase as I already bought an everyday bag the week before.  It is lovely though, made of that slightly squidgy fake leather, and unlike anything I've seen elsewhere.  And it's slightly reminiscent of the Alexander Wang Rockie which I have fallen in love with thanks to Alexandra-Jane.  That girl has a bag collection to die for.  But at £650 there's no way I'll be buying the Rockie, which is why I'm loving this one instead!


Diary of a Spendaholic 27

asos - £22.50
I have a wishlist post ready for next week featuring the trousers that I caved in and bought anyway today.  There was 25% off asos, so it seemed silly not to get them this week and save money just for the sake of not spending.

Zara - £49.98
Again, something featured in the upcoming wishlist post that I caved and bought anyway.  In all fairness, Ed gave me some money to go towards this order so I snuck in a pair of shoes too.  Again, I was going to buy this anyway but as we all know, I'm weak and impatient.  I should have waited till next week, but I couldn't!

Matalan - £40
I met some friends for lunch and we ended up going to Matalan to get a shopping fix without having to battle with Saturday traffic to get into town.  I was actually really impressed with their stuff and got an acidic blazer as well as a statement necklace identical to those Topshop ones for just a tenner.  Besides that I also picked up a little swimming costume for Ella which was too cute to leave behind.  Totally unnecessary, but actually quite a bargain when you consider what I bought!

I was very good today.  Me and my sister went to the Next sale and although I found (another) really nice blazer reduced from £55 to £25 and a nice wall art thingy for £10 I said no to both!  Progress, right?
Total for the week: £77.48  I've deducted the money Ed gave me, and actually this total could be as low as £54.98 if you consider that the asos order went on my credit card so won't actually be paid for this week.  Either way, not too bad!


The Frog Prince

When I was younger, I used to always make Mum make a detour to the pond at my older sister's school when we dropped her off in the morning.  The reason for this was that there sat a stone frog which I had to kiss, every day without fail, in the hopes that it would magically turn into a prince.  It's one of those hazy memories, where I remember skipping over to him to land a peck on his mouth, whilst Mum will tell you she was hanging onto me by my hood to stop me from falling into the pond.  Note, I did later fall into a pond at school but it wasn't that one.

Anyway, somewhere along the way my frog went missing.  No one knew where he went so I liked to think that he'd turned into a prince one night and gone off looking for me.  We joke that he turned into Ed, and I have a golden frog prince charm sitting on my charm bracelet to remind me of this.

Fast forward 22 years, and now working at that same school, imagine my surprise when our (sometimes grumpy) caretaker walked through the library the other week holding my frog.  I squealed in shock and he looked equally surprised when he told me that he found him at the bottom of the pond while it was being excavated.  I was pleased as punch, and the caretaker looked just as chuffed (bless him) and launched into a stream of consciousness about fate.  He finished by telling me he was really happy for me, as though I'd just found a long-lost love.

And in some ways I have.  On the one hand I'm sad that I can no longer believe in fairytales and think that I've found a my prince in my Ed, on the flip side I'm not deluded and didn't really think a stone ornament could magically turn human overnight.  It's actually rather nice that a piece of my childhood has come full circle and a mystery has now been solved.  But what's really lovely is the sense of joy I felt when I found him which seemed to rub off on everyone around me witnessing it.  He now sits beside me at my desk, and though I had plans to give him a make over and get him looking spiffy again, I rather like the shabby-chic look he has.

So there we have it.  A piece of childhood nostalgia shared with you all which makes me smile whenever I catch sight of my frog prince.


Marble Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to bake every other weekend.  And now, 11 weekends into the year, I've managed it!  I got this recipe from Baking Mad so rather than repeat it all, if you wanted to give it a go you can find the recipe here.
A few things to note....the mixture does begin to look like really runny scrambled eggs at one point.  It'll sort itself out when you add the flour.  The cocoa powder/milk mixture is bizarrely difficult to mix, and yes, it does resemble poo.  Finally, don't be afraid to be a bit stingy when filling your cases.  I made a few proper muffin size ones which will do for Ed who doesn't like the frosting, but their domed shape will make icing them tricky.  The best muffins are those that don't quite reach the top of the cases once cooked. 

Baking Mad has loads of recipes to try, including savoury ones which will be perfect for a novice cook like me!  Next on my list for a baking Saturday however are the banana cake and this delicious-looking chocolate cake.  Will you be giving these muffins a go?
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New Things: Topshop Aztec Print Tube Skirt

This skirt is the cheeky Topshop purchase that I mentioned in my Diary of a Spendaholic post the other week.  I'd spotted it on an instagram feed and instantly fell in love.  While I'm still not sure whether it's me, I'm going to persevere.  And if all else fails, it's still nice to look at and at £20 didn't break the bank.

It's made of thinner material than I think it looks, and isn't overpoweringly "Aztec".  One thing I will say, is that it's perhaps too long for me and I wish they'd done it in Petite.  I also wish it had been available in any of my local stores so that I wouldn't have had to pay annoying delivery charges.


Diary of a Spendaholic 26

Boots - £7.65
Strictly speaking this wasn't an unnecessary purchase.  I finally had enough of my eyes being dry and stinging constantly so got down the doctors.  I've got blepharitis (again...it never actually goes away) only this time with eczema on top.  So I've been prescribed an antibiotic cream, hence the prescription charge.

Boots - £11.88
TK Maxx - £16.99
Ok, ok, so I could have 100% not gone shopping today.  But I woke up, tortured myself by looking at clothes online, decided I wanted to check the price of a blazer from Next only to find that the website was down.  The urge to go out and check in the shop arose, so I crumbled.  They didn't have the blazer in Next, but it would have been a waste of a journey not to check out the surrounding shops.  As always, I can justify the TK Maxx purchase of headphones by saying that mine are completely battered with wires hanging out, so they were a necessity for the gym.  The Boots buying I don't have such a solid excuse for.  BUT if I told you how much I managed to get, maybe you'd forgive me?  I got some spray wax Umberto Giannini which I'm excited to try out, TRESemme backcomb dust, 2 creme eggs, a sandwich and a packet of crisps.  Not too shabby for under £12.  Of course, I am a little disappointed in myself for spending, but at least it wasn't a massive amount of clothes and such!

Total for the week: £36.52 So not as good as last week, but not that bad either?  I think I would have managed to not spend anything this week or last if I hadn't got a gross eye disease.  Being ill is such a drain on my resources!

EDIT make that £46.52 for the week.  I caved and took advantage of Dixi's 50% off offer and bought lots of rings.  If I remember rightly, 10.  For £7.  Pretty good deal I think, and only £3 P&P!


New Things: Snowflake Tattoo

I apologise for recycling an instagram picture...but photographing a tattoo nicely seems to be a struggle for Ed!
I like to think of my tattoos as charms; every one of them has meaning, but (with the exception of the quotes) they're all hidden and symbolic.  I got this tattoo to commemorate becoming an aunty.  Towards the end of last year I was thinking about getting a snowflake and linking it to this but ended up putting it off and forgetting about it.  Then my beautiful niece was born, and on the day I met her it snowed.  The first snow of the year.  Getting this tattoo was a done deal.


How I Style: The Bandage Dress

When I was contacted by Lovarni.com with the chance to give one of their dresses a try, it was the bold colour of the Frankie Bandage Dress which caught my eye.  I'm not quite the party girl I used to be, so figure-hugging dresses don't really factor into my day to day wardrobe anymore but I figured it was a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and go for something a little different.

The dress is made from really heavy, sturdy almost knitted material.....you know the stuff.  It wasn't flimsy in any way,  which made it feel like you were getting a lot for the £79.99 price tag.  One thing to note however, is that whilst taking photos for this post I noticed a split in the seam at the leg (spot the strategically placed bag).  This could be down to my chunky thighs (according to Analytics, more than one person has found my blog by searching those exact words), but the dress was so stretchy it certainly didn't feel too tight across my legs.  Obviously I can't comment on the Lovarni range as a whole, but I hope this is a one-off because I'd be really disappointed if I paid the original £109.99 purchase price only to have this happen.

Despite being stretchy, this dress is tight.  And clingy.  I don't know what I was expecting with the name "bandage" in the title, but even with a pair of suck-me-in pants underneath I was still looking a little lumpy.  So I had to start thinking outside the box.  There's no way I'd have the confidence to wear this dress out as is, so I had a little play and here are the looks I came up with.

My first instinct with any sort of "party dress" is to just keep it simple and let the dress do the talking.  But my lumpiness needed a bit of covering, so I decided to "edge" the dress up a bit with a leather jacket, clumpy boots and studded clutch.  Paired with a smoky eye courtesy of MAC's Gilt by Association and a nude lip, I think this dress really lends itself well to the whole "rock chick" (cringe) vibe.

Now this is a way to wear a bandage dress that I'm much more comfortable with.  Throw on a Topshop jumper, whack on some tights and a necklace then top it off with my new bag and a pair of heeled boots.  I love the way the skirt stands out in this outfit.

Have any of you ever ordered from Lovarni?  How do you style bodycon dresses?


9 Little Things: Childhood

Image found via pinterest
  1. When lived in a flat, Mum was bringing the shopping indoors when I managed to lock myself in, Shirley Hughes' Alfie-style.  I was too small to reach the buzzer, so Mum had to talk me through it via the intercom.
  2. We used to go on family holidays to Center Parcs, and one year I went to Clown College there.
  3. We also went to Crinkley Bottom once.  We visited Noel's House Party and saw Mr Blobby, Mrs Blobby and Baby Blobby.
  4. One of my hobbies was dragging a selection of my teddies up and down the road in a cardboard box.
  5. I had the world's biggest (and most awful) fringe.
  6. One of my fondest memories is getting up early and going on our bikes with my older sister to the shop for newspapers for Mum and Dad.  Looking back, I must have been about 4 and she would have been 8.  It was a different world back then!
  7.  Speaking of bikes, it took a long time for me to learn how to use the brakes.  I would jump off while it was still moving and run alongside with Mum yelling "DON'T JUMP OFF!" behind me.  I then progressed onto just riding into a specific bush in our garden in order to stop.
  8. Another bike-related tale; I fell off and broke my jaw aged 7 when my sister told me to race a car down the hill.
  9. My childhood nicknames were "Spud" or "Dim".


Diary of a Spendaholic 25

So with the resolution not to spend for another 3 weeks (I've notched up 6 days so far!) I didn't go in town and instead spent most of the day browsing shops online.  I need help.

H & M - -£8.99
Holland & Barrett - £12.36
Yep, I returned the jumper that I bought last Thursday in a strop.  I did however spot a neon pink scarf that I really couldn't say no to, but seeing as I could do a straight exchange and still get the rest of my money back I figured it wasn't that naughty buying it.  Plus it was half price.
I could have easily not spent anything, but I'm suffering from the early stages of blepharitis again and all the home remedies that the doctors told me last time aren't working.  I remembered Catherine talking at the #lbloggersbrunch about a cream she used on her eyes so had to track that down and give it a go.  And being the consumer that I am, seeing as everything in Holland & Barrett was buy one get one half price, I figured it'd be foolish not to pick up some vitamin-y things as well.

Total for the week: £3.37 Nothing more to say than whoop!  Let's hope next week can be even lower.


Keep warm, whatever the occasion

With the arrival of spring just around the corner(hopefully!), now is a perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and add some staple items for any eventuality. It may be appealing to purchase the latestsummer trends, but with the UK weather as unpredictable as it is, warmer threads are a must to keep the chill at bay. Cardigans, shawls and jumpers are perfect additions to the closet and can be found at affordable prices. You can select many jumpers from the range at ASDA George for a fraction of the high street prices, adding to your wardrobe whilst being kind to your purse.

Casual Knits are a perfect basic to have in your closet, particularly ones that can go with anything. A classic black cardigan or tunic top will always be a timeless addition, with the advantage of looking stylish and chic, whatever the occasion. The black Textured Knit Tunic would be an essential piece to smarten up any outfit, looking fabulous with skinny jeans or leggings due to the extra length, while the Pointelle Spot Jumper is an ideal alternative to the traditional black jumper. With both of these items costing a mere £16, your knitwear collection can drastically improve, for less.

Just because it’s a little glum outside, put a spring inyour step and brighten up your wardrobe. With low prices, you can afford to be a little more daring with your wardrobe attire. If you’ve never dabbled with bright colours before, make 2013 the year to do it and stand out from the crowd. Bright knits are a perfect way of injecting a little fun into a dull day and the G21 Daisy Jumper Dress would be a perfect way of doing so. Or, for a quirky look, why not be a little adventurous with the yellow G21 Pooch Print Jumper from ASDA George?

There’s nothing better, some days, than chilling out and relaxing indoors, or nipping to a friend’s house for a relaxed coffee. On these days, there’s no need to dress up, keeping things casual and laid back instead. A couple of casual jumpers would be ideal for this purpose, giving you the chance to step away from your other half’s hoody and step into the Moda 2 in 1 Chunky Knit Cape or the long line Heart Knitted Tunic, both of which would look perfect with leggings and jeans alike. Add a pair of comfy Converse and you have yourself a trendy, casual outfit. 

Prints never seem to go out of fashion and are an ideal staple to add to your wardrobe. Whether you add them to a black skirt or trousers for work attire or you match them with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a George Animal Print Cardigan or G21 Spotted Jumper could be a fab addition for you.

Add a couple of pieces as workwear essentials and yourwardrobe will look healthy and give you plenty of options no matter what the occasion. Smarten up in the office with a classic cardigan or cashmere sweater, which will go with trousers and skirts alike. A pair of court shoes will finish the look off nicely. 

Give yourself a new jumper drawer on a budget this spring – you’ll be surprised how far your money can go. Cosy!
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Bloggers vs. Zombies

The other day I read an interesting post on Amelia's blog where she listed her top 5 bloggers she'd have with her if a zombie apocalypse hits.  Her post made me chuckle, and my brain got ticking as to who I'd want with me in such a situation.  Who do you think made the list?
Woah how this Buffy episode made me cry...image found here.
It's no secret that I love this girl, but there is a practical reason to wanting her around when the world ends.  Rosie cooks up a storm, and there's no one else I'd want feeding me more now, let alone when I'm on the run from zombies, demons and such.

Another fave, I'm sure that just a withering stare or a cutting quip from Samantha would put a stop to even the most fierce flesh-eater.  She's the muscle in this motley crew.

Charlotte's blog makes me laugh a lot, so when all else looks grim I'm sure she'd do a stellar job at keeping team morale up and entertaining the troops.  Just read about her trip to the farm if you need convincing.

Gwen is a pretty crafty lady, and is one of the best bloggers around for DIY tutorials.  Resourcefulness will most certainly come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world, and if I'm going to be fighting for my life then I'd like to do it in style.

The lady behind this post herself, Amelia assures me that she's had an escape route planned for every house she's lived in.  Seeing as being chased is one of my biggest fears, having someone guiding me would be very handy indeed.  Does anyone else suspect she's a little bit paranoid?

Who would you want with you when the world ends?


New Things: The Zara Everyday Shopper

Remember when I added the infamous City Bag to my wishlist?  At the time I didn't really have a spare £50 lying about, and in all reality I just wasn't sure if I truly needed it.  Enter the Everyday Shopper.

I like to think of this as the City Bag's younger cousin.  It's a similarly sleek shape, albeit not as wide and with contrasting handles.  And while the City Bag has three handy compartments, this just has one, big section.

One thing I've found with Zara bags is that while they may look nice online, in store that's not quite the case.  Or vice versa.  This bag is every bit as lovely in the flesh.  It's not leather (obvz), but it feels soft and supple whilst being just structured enough to maintain its shape.

But the best bit about this bag?  £22.99!!  This really is a bargain, and in my opinion a really nice alternative to the overdone City Bag for those on a smaller budget.


Diary of a Spendaholic 24

I got sent £20-worth of House of Fraser vouchers today.  Woohoo!  Now I can spend hours online planning what I'm going to spend them on.  Let's ignore the fact that the reason I got them was for spending loads on my credit card...

Tesco - £6.63
I needed some more tan, so £4.99 of this was on St. Moriz which is an incredible bargain when you consider a) it actually works, and b) the last time I bought this was around Christmas time, I've been using it roughly twice a week and it's only just run out.  Besides that I bought a Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Conditioner because it was on offer, it smells good, and my battered ends need some TLC.

H&M - £12.99
Zara - £39.99
I dragged Ed and my sister into town with me after work.  Usually I love these impromptu shopping trips, but this one was such a let down it left me in such a bad mood.  Oh, and nearly crashing my car because of some dozy bint switching lanes as we went into the car park didn't help either.  House of Fraser didn't have the charm I planned to spend my vouchers on, and Zara didn't have the bag I wanted either.  Cue an online purchase when we got home.  To try and cheer me up, I bought a neon-ish jumper from H&M.  It's cute, but I'm still not sure whether I bought it because I actually wanted it or because I was in a mood.  I keep telling myself that something similar would have cost three times as much in Topshop.

Boohoo - -£9.60
Primark - £11
House of Fraser - £4.50(ish)
Gift shop - £5.43
River Island - £1
Tattoo - £30
So I started the morning in credit (virtually) because I sent back the skirt I ordered last weekend to boohoo.  It was just too big and didn't look right.  But what really annoys me is that in my head I'm thinking I'll get the £14ish I paid back, but no because £4 of that was on bloody P&P!!!  Rant over, I then headed to Primark to pick up a pair of my favourite black super soft super skinny jeans in their new 'petite' size, which is even shorter than 'short'!  In House of Fraser I got a nice vase for my Stepmum's birthday (handmade and reduced from £30 to £9) and a Yankee Candle for my sister's birthday.  I used the £20 voucher so it came to less than a fiver....in the words of Macklemore, that's a bargain bitch!  Now the money that I would have used buying that stuff can be freed up to treat myself somewhere else.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  Although perhaps I should allocate that to the Zara bag instead?  Gift shop was the obvious wrapping paper and card, and the £1 in River Island was on a pair of earrings because I needed change for the car park.  They were actually £1.50, but because there were no 50ps in the till she only charged me £1.  Whoop!

Mango - £34.99
Sainsbury's - £3
I'm a weak, weak person.  Since I only went for one of the tattoos I was planning to get, it was much cheaper than I imagined.  I'd taken more than enough out of my account so I had some spare cash lying aroundWhich obviously needed spending.  I actually felt really guilty about this so put it on my credit card so I can pay for it next month.  In case you didn't guess, it's the shirt I mentioned here.  And the free delivery definitely sold it to me.
I needed something to keep me entertained today so I headed to Sainsbury's where they have 10 Things I Hate About You for £3.  A total steal for a classic film.  I remember going to see it at the cinema for a friend's 12th birthday.  We were running late so we had to occupy the row right at the front.  It was awful, and I left with a stiff neck and serious headache.

Total for the week: £139.93.  Christ.  In all honesty though I'd budgeted £50-£60 for the tattoo, and then £39.99 for the naughty Zara bag purchase.  I knew I'd have to buy two birthday presents and two Mothers Day presents, so the House of Fraser vouchers meant I didn't have to feel too guilty about the shirt.  And that said, I'm going to return the H&M top next week now that I've bought two other items in a similar colour, so the total could be less.  I've also spent money on presents so it's not all on me!  Plus you guys have confirmed that there's no council tax this month, so assuming there's no mix up like last month, that's £50ish that can go towards something else.  Still this is no good.  4 weeks of no shopping starts now!!
Interesting photo you may be thinking.  This is the carrot I bought Ella from Ikea the other week.  My sister went to Wales and promised me a carrot photo each day.  This was Monday's!